Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wen - Trial for $10 wow

So I have been using Hair one for over a year now. Yay and I truly love this stuff. I was looking at my favorite forum LHCF, there was a thread on Wen for $10 So I bought some. I am waiting for it to come.

I will take back a Hair One Argan Oil since I am trying to thin out my closet. I have to trade one in for a refund which will allow me to see which I like better. I will do a review on Wen as well.

I am going to try to come at you with one review of things I use per month until. LOL and One update. I might squeeze some extra blogging in here and there but 2 times a month (I know big whoopy) I am going to school so I am not going to be able to come on, but wait I just might, you know in school might get a moment where I can log on. We will see.

I am also on a NO BUY Wig Hiatus so I have a lot to show you on what I have and will be wearing.

Later this month I am doing a small Review on Tangle Teaser. I absolutely have to.
I am also going to give you a small brief on what I am doing to my hair for January. I bought some Henna - Lush Caca Noir that I am so Amped up to try. I have 7 more days until I remove my first set of braids for the new year. this will be my first time detangling with the Tangle Teaser after taking out my braids I am going to post pictures of my hair combed out regular from last time and TT this time. So Stay tuned.......

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