Thursday, October 11, 2012

By By Relaxed Hair - October 11, 2012

On September 28, 2012, I decided to remove my relaxed hair from my head. School has been driving me up the wall and I still have four boys who crave my attention. I needed a fresh new start, and this was it. I big chopped for the 5th time. No, I don't see it as some movement, or will I start bashing relaxed heads. Honestly, it isn't much behind me cutting my hair other then fitting my life style. It is hard to find a person to relax my hair that I like, I keep my hair under wraps of wigs for most of the time, and I was working out in the summer and spring to where I needed more access to my hair. Washing and heat usage after my work outs wasn't an option.

Now that we have the reality of the why's out the way.....

Let me tell you when I first Cut I was happy, it was cute. THEN.... I started trying all these curly Puddings and that is when JHERI came to visit. I have never used anything but gel in my hair in the past, so the curly puddings for me are new. I did enjoy Miss Jessies Sample of Curly Pudding but I hated Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding. It is pure crap... I paid $6 for it, trust I wanted it to work. I tried Kinky Curly Not today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard and hated that as well. It felt like GUM base was in it. So once I use those two up, they won't be repurchased at all. I am still using WEN/613. I am incorporating AS I Am Coconut Cowash into the mix to have more of an affordable edge. Meaning I will cut down to one 32 oz of WEN a year and two 613's. Everything else will be AIA Coconut Cowash.

I also had the pleasure of using a Sample of Miss Jessies Baby Butter Cream. I will be making a purchase of two of these and 2-4 Curly Puddings, and believe it or not..... Her Slippery sudsy Shampoo too, I will be purchasing two of those. I am pretty impressed with her products and since I didn't expect them to do anything.

So Today I am getting my hair braided. This week I have washed with Miss Jessies Sudsy Shampoo and I clarified before hand with Ion Clarifying Shampoo finished it with WEN Vanilla Mint. I then Deep conditioning with Miss Jessies Sweet Back Treatment. I actually like that product too. Her line really impressed me. My hair was left soft, tangle free, felt strong and I'd purchase it again, during her sale of course. So once again today I am getting my hair braided up to wig it up for the next 3-6 weeks. I will spray it with my nugro or braid spray. I definitely won't be just letting it go bare. I spray after 2 weeks because for the first week it is still moisturized from my normal care routine. I honestly don't want to go past 3 weeks, but with school, I might....

SO here is a list of what worked for me:

Miss Jessies

Curly Pudding
Baby Butter Cream
Sweet Back Treatment
Alter Ego Garlic Treatment - Getting low

Here is a list of what didn't work for me:

Beautiful Textures - Curl Defining Pudding
Kinky Curling Curling Custard
OJON Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair serum

A list of products I use on a regular basis:

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - I use this with every wash possible, melts my tangles. I bought a small sample before splurging on this item. I now own the 14 oz. A must have for my hair.

WEN/613- I have praised the glory of these products to all with ears. I can not say enough about it and it's benefits it has brought my hair. I have less split ends, my hair is more moisturized, curls pop like nobodies business.

I am still using various deep conditioners trying to use them up. I have some that are on the verge of empty so I am super excited about that.

What Wig will I wear... I don't know just yet!!!

I am ready for Black Fridays Sales..... Wigs and Miss Jessies :)

I have a headband on, was chatting with my big sis!
Headbands My new Friend :)
Attempted and Loved COloredbeautiful's High PUFF!
 No Product but Wet and turbie Towel dried for 10 minutes :)
 Loving the look after hating the Jheri Curl LOOK!