Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEARS - January 1, 2012

I have posted several December Blogs. I want this to be my goal Blog set in STONE. LOL
Body wise - I am going to continue doing my Zumba, Jillian Get Ripped, WIi Fit exclusively.
I wills stop the IFIT program again until it warms up.
New Goal will be 115 so I could start with heavier weights for toning, which will cause me to gain on the scale. no more then 120.
HAIR GOALS: My Plan is to NOT relax for 2012. I am going to trim back every 3rd month. March, JUNE, September, & December. Trims will be about 1/2 inch. Self trimming.
I want to wish every one a joyous New Years :) Be Safe.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tisha Outre 12/29/2011

My first wash after the Madden(matting)2011 went well.

I parted my hair from behind ear , to behind ear pulled forward braided the ends, put a hair elastic on it and for the back I bought it the side and put an elastic band on it.

I washed it first with Aphogee Shampoo for damaged hair :)
So much mook came out my hair ewwwww, guess I haven't used a sulphate shampoo in a minute it was in need of some type of stripping.

I rinsed then washed my hair with Wen Fig 2 times.

I rinsed then applied Nexxus Emergencee for 20 minutes. Rinsed and applied Alter Ego on my roots, and ends then applied Proclaim Hydrating masque to my ends. Steamed it in for 15 minutes, then let it sit for 1 hour.

Rinsed it out put in my Dudley's PCA, Aphogee Green Tea, and Buriti Oil.
Sat under the dryer for 10 minutes, blow dried the rest out. Applied Kerapro elixar.

Parted off a slight bang. Gathered my hair in a low ponytail, braided it up. Applied the Elastic Band at the tip. Rolled it in a oval bun, then used my Goody UP DO maker as a bobby pin :) I love this thing. It is huge and I only need one instead of like 100000000 bobby pins LOL

I then put on my new Favorite half wig but Outre "TISHA" :)

I enjoyed her hope you do too :)

My hair felt great after washing, other then my scalp being extremely sore. :(
At the washing point my hair was so sore, I thought it was going to be sores in it but nothing but pain and a little redness. :/

My hair felt very strong afterwards. My plan is to do this again in 2 weeks. Nothing different. I will be doing half wigs and pony tails until........................

Thursday, December 22, 2011

December to remember 2011 - SET BACK

So being sick has caused all sorts of problems.

My crafts are off, my Holiday decorations are nil and my Christmas cards aren't even out. WIll do that later today and only about 6 cards going out instead of my usual 24. :/

HUH, I tried prepooing on dry hair for a second time. This time I was very sick. I just knew my scalp was itchy. I prepooed on dry hair, was tired and slept in it over night. Or tried to sleep. I tossed and turned all night long. Scratched my head.....

Next evening (I was winded during the morning) I went to wash my hair and it was a matted mess, :( From the roots to the middle, the ends were the only thing not matted. I detangled and the mat moved from the roots/middle to the ends and in my hands. My hair is now 2/3rds less then what I started the year off with. I am super upset.

I know being upset won't change anything. I am giving myself a perscription of Nexxus Emergencee every 2 weeks. DRC as needed. Back pony with 2 bands and covered with a half wig. Of course I will do all my Deep conditioning and leave in's as well.

I won't be buying but maybe 6 items for 2012. I don't want to buy anymore hair supplies until the I have went through the ones I have. I say 6 because I might still need gels and styling products.

I will be washing my hair every 1-2 weeks now. It really needs to be left ALONE!

I figure the less hair I lose due to manipulation maybe I can get back some of my bulk.
I can't believe what happened to me.>..... I know I am harping on it.

I saw another LHCF sister and was kinda embarrassed due to my thin strands. She was nice and said nice things to make me feel better. Inside I was like dying. LOL

Anywho, I will take a picture next time I wash my hair, I won't post it until May, then I will post Mays pic along side it. My new picture taking will be January, May, December.

I will blog my Repair of 2012 Journey every 4 months.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Hair Update Fitness update - Last of 2011

This is my final pic for the year 2011 for hair.
My BMI is 21.6
I am on a new work out plan of 85 days Not straight though :)
I am doing 4 weeks on working out 5 days a week and one week off.
I am going to end my 85 days with the last 4 weeks doing Jillians Get Ripped in 30. I am mixing it in to get used to it and then going hard towards the end of those 30 days. :)
I am using Wen Still, Dudleys DRC, Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner, Proclaim Hydrating masque. Leaves in, Aphogee Leave in, Dudleys PCA, Aphogee Green Tea, Miracle 7 Buriti Oil and Wen Fig Oil.
2012 is trims every 3 months
NO cuts
alot of protective styling
1-2 Relaxers in April and July
Washing every 2 weeks while under a wig and
Washing Weekly when out of it!
I will also be prepooing on DRY hair which I have only done once not long ago. I have a lot of products to use up to just stick to my staples. :)