Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jilbere Ceramic tools Porcelain Series Turbo Dryer

The dryer battle is a long but true one. I decided I needed a new dryer when I so smartly gorilla glued the comb onto the dryer so that it wouldn't pop off into the tub. Why did I do it? I paid a decent penny for the comb; it is the one that is break resistant. I believe I paid about $20-30 for it and I have had it for over five years, way more than any I have had before. This comb has no breaks in it at all, and is holding up strong as ever. I will provide the link for that amazing comb below.

The first dryer up is the Jilbere Ceramic Tools Porcelain Series Turbo Dryer for sold at Sally Beauty Supply for $47.99.,default,pd.html#q=jilbere+dryer&start=1

I have cut and copied Sally's claim of this dryer and will review if it lives up to it's claims:

  • Ergonomic easy grip handle and lightweight design
  • 2000W powerful, quiet long life AC motor
  • 6 speed/heat setting combinations
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • 8mm concentrator nozzle
  • Cool shot button

  • Ergonomic and easy grip handle and lightweight design

    I didn't really notice anything special about the grip, but when my hands are a little oily I get very little slip. Lightweight? No, it is a normal weight dryer to me. It isn't super heavy but it is not a light dryer where I can hold it for too long.

    The 6 speed feature is definitely great for adjusting to temperatures for different hair textures. I find that the highest can burn the dickens out of my hair and it actually has. The 2000W is very powerful and gives your hair a straighter finish than many other dryers I have used. The noise level is what it is. I am saying that it isn't a biggie to me. I don't find it to be super quiet, but for the short period I am using it. It is tolerable.

    Removable filter for easy cleaning. YES! I have moved this several times to keep my dryer clean. It does collect dust after a while and should be cleaned. Yet, it is easy to clean and to put back on.

    8mm concentrator nozzle. I don't use it. I have glued the Solano Hair comb onto it.

    The cool shot button is great and I find that It makes it easy to give my hair a good cool over an not have to adjust buttons. It is in a great space and I find it convenient.

    All over this dry is so worth it. I actually have two of them that I purchased at the same time. I bought one to give to my sister and never got around to it, (she lives in another state). She eventually purchased her own, so my dryer wasn't needed and it was way beyond the return date. The way dryers go out in my house, I figured I would need a new dryer soon. Well, NOPE, I haven't. The longevity of life of this dryer is not only amazing for the price, but the fact that there isn't a decline in the quality of this unity after all this time is unfathomable.

    $47.99 is a steal for a dryer. You can also use a coupon and get this for an outstanding discount. :) Check it out.

    I purchased another dryer because I needed to attach my diffuser. After trying to pry the Gorilla Glued Comb from the dryer with no prevail, I decided to purchase another dryer. The CHI ROCKET! (I will review that one next)

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Back to Blogging...

    Happy New Years,

    In February 2016. My goal for 2016 is to have more reviews for you and more school journals going on.  I have a lot of reviews for you as I am a shopaholic. Currently I am taking six classes and have finally decided on what I am going to go for, for my next degree. Psychology, in case you were wondering. I am curious as too anyone else going to school right now and what are some of the trials and tribulations that you are going through at this moment. School really keeps me busy, as if having four boys wouldn't do that for me. I have teenagers and a preteen. Once a week I plan to have a blog for you guys. The Sunday Paper :) on Hair She Comes.

    QVC Reviews and more product reviews..