Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review Aphogee 2 Step, SFDH, and BM 2/25/2010

I have been using products for years, I have been into hair care since 8 so you can fathom the things I have used. I am now going to do a review for everything I use or have in my possession right now.

I have used Aphogee 2 step for years, I will continue to use it or atleast have a little in my closet. I use it before every relaxer or when I feel my breakage is extreme.

I wash my hair with Clarifying Shampoo (Ion) aphogee shampoo for damaged hair (SFDH) x 1, I then comb my hair down with a part in the middle and spray my hair making sure to hand move it to the ends. I go under the dryer until it is dry and Hard. I don't manipulate the hair or bother the hair while under the dryer. once dry I rinse until the hair softens. then I rinse some more. LOL

After all is said and done, I put the Balancing Moisturizer on (BM) with some Nexxus Humectress and either go under the dryer for 30 minutes or place a Conditioning Cholesterol Cap Self warming for about 1-2 hours. Rinse, use my after care products and Beautiful hair every time :)

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  1. I just ad my first experience with this product. I was so scared because I had heard some horrifying review in between the good ones! But girl, my hair is loving this! It had a very similar effect to when I have used Brazilian Keratin Treatments in the past!