Tuesday, January 18, 2011

review - Bone comb #206 - March 21, 2010

Well lets start off by saying, I am taken aback from this comb. I paid about $17 for the comb and I said I'd never. Who pays all of that for a comb?

Well I ate my words. I put out the funds for this comb and my scalp and hair say thanks alot. you don't need this comb to enjoy long hair. It is more of a luxury. But what it doesn't have is seams that may snag your hair. It is great on the scalp, it glides through your hair with no resistance when dry at all. When Wet it does an easier comb job. Would I purchase this comb again? for sure. This comb is made of resins. It is well worth the price and comparable to the mason brush which is also not needed but a luxury and a wonderful addition to any hair lovers collection.

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