Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Quite as planned 10/17/2009

I reached APL yeah, and I am currently trying to reach my goal of BSL by next year June 2010 a long ways away. I only have about 3 inches to get. I cut my hair every four months to keep my style going. I don't want three strands just to say I have BSL hair.

My hair is doing swell, I still use the same products mostly. I don't do the scalp treatments like I should but I will try once a month :)

Winter is here and I am going to be washing once every other week instead of weekly. I just got a relaxer on the 10th of October. I love the way it feels, MY stylist put's her thing thing in when she does my hair. :)

I got a Cut, COLOR, treatment and relaxer. I was about 21.5 inches and she cut off the ends, as well as layered it :)

I will update pictures later I want to keep the suspence. LOL March of 2010 I will be updating I should have a few inches gathered by then and maybe even at my goal, but if not June won't be far away. :)

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