Tuesday, January 18, 2011

August 31, 2010

Well I wrote a journal about taking out my braids August 24th I have washed my hair 3 times since then due to the hair being over moisturized.

Yesterday I sat contemplating about how to get my hair stronger without purchasing yet another miracle in the bottle Dudley's DRC 28.

4 days ago I gave myself an APhogee 2 step treatment that for some reason didn't take. Hair felt weak and over moisturized.

SO yesterday what I did was I got up in the morning.

I washed with HAir one Tea Tree and Olive Oil, Sat for a minute, Then I put on Motions CPR under the steamer for 30 minutes, then I rinsed and gave myself a nexxus treatment- My hair was strong after the CPR but even Stronger after the Nexxus, then I applied Alter Ego garlic conditioner under a heated cap for 20 minutes rinsed, Aphogee leave in, aphogee green tea, a little argan oil, and got under the hooded dryer dried the hair 90% came from under put a little nu gro through out the hair four sprays :D

Then I blow dried it 2 minutes if that. I applied some Herstyler serum and that was it, wrapped it around and have been wearing Vanessa :D

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