Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hair Status, Exercise - August 7, 2011

So this week I washed my hair with Wen Fig and Treated my hair with Aphogee 2 minute, Deep conditioned with my Wen Fig Oil and Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing Treatment mix for 2 hours. I rinsed towel dried and put in my Aphogee Leave in, Chi Keratin Mist and Buriti Oil 2 pumps. Got under my hooded dryer and blow dried put my hair in a side bun.
How did it feel:
My hair has been feeling so good and great since using Wen Fig Hair Cleanser. I like it better then Sweet Almond Mint. My hair loves the Nupur Henna and for me that is a keeper. I will be doing another Henna in a few days. Wednesday to be exact. I was thinking of doing a root touch up, but my hair loves a full treatment. So maybe towards the winter months I will do the root touch up and leave the full for the warmer months.
Wen Oils - Are being discontinued. I ordered 2 bottles. Your hair will love this product. It is not only good it is great. My hair gets added moisture when combining this with any DC. Using it by itself, it is wonderful all round.
EXERCISE: I am down 7 pounds people since I started, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I am not using a fad diet or using a cabbage soup, Plus I am losing 15 pounds or less so it is a little harder they say to lose the last 10 lbs. I exercise 30-1 hour a day. I am narrowing that down to 30 minutes period. :) for 5 days and taking my rest on the weekends.
I have 9 lbs to go. :) Sweet. By the holidays I will be good.
I will continue to exercise 3 days a week ranging from 30 minutes to an hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Continuing with the Elliptical, treadmill and ab coaster. I will even squeeze the Zumba and Wii fit and Wii Fit plus into the mix.
My eating habits will continue to be the same. I will avoid McDonalds, burger king, White Castle, China Moon, Bamboo House, and such.
I have never been over weight a day in my life, my BMI was 24.50 so I was close.
Eating bad food with no exercise is a set up to fail.
It has been hard work losing this weight, 7 lbs is meh to some people, take away water weight and start burning fat is a work out in itself. I didn't have water weight, but I am losing fat and building muscle. I don't want to look like body builder, I want a feminine tone, I am of course in my Shanaynay voice " I'ma Laaaady" LOL
Any Who for all who read my blogs, Thanks so much, I truly Appreciate the love.
A Reader asked me a while ago was I planning to go natural, I am not at the moment, But trust I was ready to shave my head bald when posting. It is a little hard because I am use to when my hair gets to long shaving it off anywho. This time I am sticking it in and keeping my word to my kids and the Mr.
Have a blessed day and see you next update :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work Out's and My Hair - August 2, 2011

I just want to apologize for lack of comment for some reason this Lap top won't allow me to comment or EDIT anything once posted. I have to use another computer and in a house full of boys that is almost impossible. LOL
So, I have really just been focusing on working out, eating right and keeping my hair up in a bun. LOL
I started washing my hair every 6 days instead of every 7 but I think I am going back to 7 and doing longer conditioning sessions. BUT.... Right now I am doing every 6 days.
I do the IFIT program with Jillian Michaels and she is awesome. I am actually completing week 5 and going to start week 6 this Friday. I have dropped over 5 lbs and it looks like I have dropped more. LOL
Just basically toning up the body and enjoying getting my heart going. I am still with weight watchers and NOPE you don't have to be overweight to join. I wasn't and as long as your not too thin they are open to anyone joining.
I hope one day they will re-vamp Weight Watchers as they do everything else in life, to not be just for weight control but for learning to eat properly.
Believe it or not, Alot of us forget how to eat properly and just because your thin doesn't mean your healthy.
I am using my Wen Fig Hair cleanser during my weekly cleansing and in between using Wen Fig Oil around my edges and ends to keep them moisturized during the drying sweat from exercise.
Back to what I am using Sorry for the Babble but I am utterly EXCITED.... to Share ;)
I use my Elliptical - with IFIT for 30 minutes burn an average of 350 calories
I use my Treadmill - With IFIT for 30 minutes burn an average of 300 calories
I also use the AB Coaster and do 100 reps which I hope to increase by next month if not, I will continue with 100 but do 34 forward, and 33 on each side.
I do the above 4 days a week and Zumba and Wii Fit twice a week.
Once I get to maintenance mode I am dropping the exercise to 3 days a week, while still maintaining my diet. :)