Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011 - Wen it is!

Well I am 7 weeks post relaxer and I am already planning what to do at next months end. In June towards the last two weeks I will be braiding my hair up and putting a wig on. :)

I FINALLY ordered the WEN FIG :) QVC has their Gallon containers on sale right now, so go get yours if you are a Wen Head. :)

I am ubber excited to get it. I gave my sister Two Hair Ones for her Bday not because I don't like it. I love it better than the WEN Sweet Almond Mint. While the Sweet Almond Mint is smooth going on, it isn't as moisturizing as the HO-OO after rinsing. I washed with it after not using it for about 2 1/4 months and yes I could tell my hair knew I hadn't used HO-OO. My strands were happy.

I will be exclusively using the Wen Fig and try to purchase the Gallon Every Year to every other year.

End of June, All of July, August, & September I will be either rocking a Half Wig or my Lace Fronts which I so dearly miss. :)

I have been doing so well on my NO BUY of any Fake Hair challenge. I just felt I needed it and the Bets just put the extra Zing in the pot ;)

I am changing my diet of not eatting, eatting bad, drinking lots of soda and all the other bad habits to....

Eatting more regulary, drinking more water, less snacking on unhealthy food, some soda here and there, and taking vitamins.

My hair isn't really growing to me, but this is the slower period of life for my hair, it blooms in the later months September - December I get a bulk of my growth and a medium bulk January - March. April - August is basically a dead month for my hair. I don't notice it. Maybe during those months I will take some extra Vitamins. Go figure ..... LOL

Wen it is. Will be posting pics of my new do's wigs and all as I change them up and wear them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moisture Love - May 26, 2011

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is enjoying this hot brutal weather. I am not. LOL
I will be started a new Sewing Class for about 7 Months so my Sewing blog will get some more love :)

As Everyone knows I have been using Henna now and have used it monthly. I am switching that to bi-monthly so my hair doesn't dry out. It seems that by the time I put it in and have to go through the arkward stage, I am looking and my calendar says it is now time to Henna Again. So..... I am going to try every other month.

Last night I washed my hair with Hair One Olive Oil :) Ooooh I have missed thee. LOL
I have been using Wen Sweet Almond Mint. I do love the after Effects of Hair One. :) I like Wen and really want to try the Fig. My next shipment of Wen is in September. Unfortunately Guthy Ranker doesn't carry FIG :(

I have noticed my hair seems a little dryer then normal and used my Aphogee 2 minute to give my hair that little boost of protein, ORS replenishing pak to give it that boost of moisture as that is how it works for me, then after all was said and done, I used my PCA WOW, my hair felt so SOFT, I sprayed some Aphogee Green tea and my hair still felt like a rose petal.

Today it feels so Moisturized it is unbelievable. I am really happy I tried Dudley products again after all these years. Their products are absolutely amazing. I love the way my hair feels right now. :) Can't wait to try it again next week. Off to baseball I go. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Confessions of a PJ - May 9, 2011

Hello All of you in Blog Spot Land,

Here I go.....

I love shopping. I am an addict to shopping and my addiction moves from one thing to the next like a fatal disease. BUtt...... We are here to talk about my Product Addiction and how I am getting a grip on it. I have been trying to get this grip and have been doing well for about a year. Sometimes I fall back into crazy for a day or two but I get right back up.

Right now I am using up several products that are on their death bed in my stash. I will use my space here to just put it out there. LOL I find out when I say it out loud it comes to past.

In no certain order:

  • Argan Oil- Barely any left

  • Wen Re- Moist Intensitve Hair Treatment - One use left

  • Wen Hair Cleanser - about 2-3 washes left

  • KeraCare Wrap Foam - Half a bottle Left

  • Wen Styling Creme - Half the container left

  • Amla Oil - Scared to use the little bit I have. It is knocking on heavens door right now.

  • Aphogee & Green Tea Restructurizer - Half Bottle Left, but this will last me the rest of the year most likely

  • Herstyler Serum - Half Way gone - Might last 6 more months
These are just the items that are almost used up. I still have a little to go before I am down to an acceptable product load.

Amazingly all of this but maybe the Amla oil and possibly the Argan Oil will not be repurchased. I like the Buriti oil better because it is weightless and the Herstyler serum is weightless too. Sometimes you want the extra weight but the Keracare Oil Sheen with Humidity block does an excellent job of giving me some weight. Soooooo Once the Amla is gone, I will continue with my Vatika Oil. Argan Oil I have a stash of 2 more so I have time to decide on that factor.

I will not be cracking open my Alter Ego Garlic conditioner just yet. Y? Because I am going to use the Porosity Control with my Silk Elements Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Megasilk and give that a Boost. My hair loves the combo for a few hours. Then I will rollerset again. Me and Mr. are totally getting the hang of it. :)

August I might Relax my hair again to keep to my schedule of relaxing. Dunno only time will tell.