Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Journey Continues 12/13/2009

I have been doing really good, I have had minor set backs could have been worse.

I went to Florida and was in the pool and didn't wash my hair out, so yep the chlorine set in and dried hard for 7 days, I forgot my shampoo and used the hotel little things and nada.

I got home and wow, alot of hair came out, lost alot of my thickness, compared to my beginner disney pics to my ending results I SEE the difference. BUt it could have been worse so who's complaining? NOT ME!

My hair right now is past APL yeah, and I am inching to BSL which because I am short isn't that far, LOL, I am hoping to actually make 2 milestones next year being BSL/BSB and MBL. I believe that won't be too much anymore for me to handle. I am WIGGING it up though for most of the ride.

NOW, I do believe in the High Frequency treatment works. Yes it does, but I couldn't stand the SHEDDING yes it does shed and yes I know it is normal but I couldn't hack it! LOL

I don't use any megatek or anything like that I do take protein shakes once a week not for hair sake, I was doing this way before hair, it is because I have a poor diet and this is my way not to be malnourished.

Other than that nothing is too new! I am going to be wigging in up, I have right now "IT Tresses - IVY", Bali Girl, Lauren and Movie Star.

I am excited, excited! I will actually post pictures of those as well. So gear up!

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