Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bad Hair Days 4/11/2009

Oh, Well

I must say that since starting MEGA TEK it has given me MEGA HAIR BREAKAGE and I feel so Horrid.

I washed my hair today and applied Nexxus Emergencee, BIG MISTAKE. I was trying to stop the damage MegaTek had taken on my hair.

Good news is that my hair 4 weeks ago was 19 inches and today it was 19.25 which means in spite of the breakage it was still growing. I lost atleast 3/4 inches. I think I got a good rate of 3/4 last month and lost it all.

I went on vacation and co-washed my life away. SO I am going back to my previous methods once I get my hair balanced again.

For the next 3 weeks I am doing Nexxus Therappe, Nexxus Humectress and DCing with Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisturizing Deep Conditioner under dryer for 20 minutes. I am hoping that the breakage of 20 pieces drops significantly. I also trimmed my hair. So far this week I have received one Violet Ray treatment. I don't know if that is why my hair is growing rapidly. My husband says it is growing, I only cut 1/4 inch off my hair, All I can say is that he beginning of last month I was 18.5, I lost 3/4 (yes I measure) and I also cut 1/4 off. So that was a full inch I cut off. I measured today, minus the breakage and it was 19.25, trimmed and had 19 inches left. So ladies guess what, I am keeping it up and low to no comb for the next week; wash day is on Friday.

After my breakage stops, I will be looking for someone to put a weave in my hair. I am really due for a relaxer in June, SO I might just wait until the middle or end of July to get my braid in weave done. I will leave it in for 2 months only. My relaxer is due in October and I would want to put anything in it right after I relax my hair. Take it out for 2-4 weeks and put it back in 1 week before November hits, I am going on vacation and would like to not be bothered with my hair. I would take it out for Christmas and call it a day!

It is definitely the only way I can keep my little hands out of my hair.

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