Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Relaxer February 2010 -- 2/23/2010

I got a relaxer 13th of this month. My hair is acting well, no breakage or heavy shedding like it usually does after a relaxer. :D I was also told my ends were in fabulous condition. I figure I owe that to extending my conditioner time to 1-2 hours per week. It sure was extra time but worth it in the end :D I still got a minor trim.

Personally I notice no big growth in my hair. I am due to have my steamer by tomorrow :D
I am so excited for that.

I have been getting my HF treatments 2 times this month already and will get another before the weeks end.

I am dying to use my steamer. I will let you know my steam schedule and what worked for me. :) Revamp again time. LOL always.

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