Tuesday, January 18, 2011

March 6, 2010

This week for my wash I needed to clarify for the month. Ahhhh, How I love when I do clarify.

I love my Hair One, it just doesn't allow me to use another heavy conditioner. Not two weeks straight anyway.

I clarifyed with Ion Clarifying shampoo, followed up be Nexxus Emergencee, Chocolate SoyMilk Sulfate Free Shampoo x1, and then under the steamer for 30 minutes with Yes to Carrots Mud Mask. Sprayed Aphogee Green Tea, 3 pumps of Herstyler Hair serum (I love this stuff), a smidge of Argan oil, Under the dryer for about 15 minutes, then I blew Dry for about 2 minutes if that.

Status: My hair had so much Swagger. It was not only BOUncy but shiney and had that swang, You know what I mean :) It is Still feeling great I washed it Thursday and today is Saturday and it still feels very nice. I did Moisturize with NTM Leave in and then put 2 pumps of Herstyler in it with Argan oil.

I think I will lighten up on adding the oils and such until mid week, since they did say you have about 5 days of moisture I will put some in on day 3 and day 6 to space it out some.

Otherwise I am happy ultra happy with my results. :)

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