Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Personal Goal 3/07/2009

I have some personal Goals for my hair.

> I want to be APL by May 31, 2009 - Looks like it could be done.

> I want to be BSL by November 1, 2009 - Maybe so maybe no.

> April, MAY, JUNE - No hair supplies can be bought, unless I run out of a product

> Once I reach APL I will wear protective Styles until BSL or Maybe Full BSL.

> Once I reach my goal I will get my trims once every 2 months to up keep the length and health of my hair in tact!

> During the Summer weather Co-Wash is vamped up to 2 times a week, Shampoo Once a week is maintained

> Visit the salon once a month

> Before buying new Deep Conditioners must use 2 to get one so we don't have a whole stock of BSS products :)

> Wear my hair out for one week out of the month once I reach my goal. Buns for the rest of the time, allows me to show off my hair when I go out and protect it on a daily basis!

> Co-Wash put a light deep conditioner like Neutrogena Triple Moisture

> Color hair once every 4-6 months (black only no BLEACHING) That is DANGEROUS!


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