Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MBL or WL that is the Question? 4/10/2010

I am writing today because I am at a lost of what I want at the moment.

I have had long hair most of my life except when I BC'd for my own personal reasons. No fads just waiting to exhale. LOL

The longest my hair has been was between MBL and WL.

I never cared about my hair as far as length until my husband let me know he wanted it back. Otherwise, I didn't care if it grew or not. IT just grew even though I wore fake hair like it was my own.

My dilemma is, do I grow it to MBL or do I grow it past and get to WL. I really don't want the issues of WL. I hated my hair past MBL it was annoying and wasn't easy to deal with. Now that I am on my hair care journey though my hair seems different all around. I am more patient and attentive to my hair in a caring way not just on making it look good.

Oh well we will see? your input would be appreciated :)

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