Tuesday, January 18, 2011

April 13, 2010

washed my hair with Hair one olive oil loved the feeling as always.

I switched it up this time and used the ORS packet Replenishing that is. I steamed it in for 20/30 minutes. soft as cotton, rinsed and wham it felt gummy, I made a dash for the Aphogee 2 minute and left it on for 2 minutes. rinsed it felt human again. I towel dried first, it felt wonderful. I got under the hooded dryer wonderful again. Combed it out wonderful, put a little serum in it. THEN whIen I blow dried it with the hand held it started to feel sticky. Weird, so I put some Citre Mist in it to calm it down and that it did. But The build up feeling remains :(

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