Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 15, 2011

At the moment my scalp is a little itchy. I have 1 week and 4 days to go before removing my braids. I think that won't be a problem. I am going out today and am contemplating weather or not I will be wearing a long and curly wig instead of my regular Blair. Just for today.

Once I break these down I will be doing a DRC treatment. Deep condition my hair under the steamer with Silk elements and then put Alter Ego in my hair for one hour. I will braid back up February 6. :)

Next month I am going to wear Elise. I don't want to wear Elise to the Blue and Gold though. I will find another hair style just for that day. :)

Do I have a new schedule now. Kinda. LOL

January - Blair
February - Elise
March -
April - Delia
May - Kay
June - Funky Chic
July -
August - Mommy
September - Mommy
October - Fantasia
November - Shop for WIGS
December - Vanessa

So it might have changed slightly most of it is still the same. March, July and November will be wig free months. I will reveal in June on LHCF :) and December 30th :)

Next year I plan to have it out a little more but that might not be the case I might have to keep to this schedule to wear out of the braids 3 times a year. My schedule for next year would have had me out of braids 4 times a year which isn't bad. I would have more deep condition time. :) Hmmmmm. I guess we will have to see. Maybe 3 months on one month off 2 months on one month off then again 3 months on 1 month off then 2 months one and one month off.


  1. Wow you wear wigs a lot! Has this been the way you've been able to retain your length? I've been thinking about wearing a wig lately but I'm just so not use to it! Lol... Any advice?

  2. @ Sweet as Candy I do wear alot of wigs. I have been long for a lot of my life, I wouldn't say it is the only way. It is one of the ways possible. My Hair is very Healthy so I would say it is healthier than it's ever been, I credit that to my products and technique. :)

    If you want to start with Half wigs until your comfortable. What ever you decide, remember to care for your hair under as well.

  3. JJ!!!! I didn't know you had a blog too! It's davisbr88 from the board.
    Your hair looks fab!

  4. Hey Davis, Thanks Lady, Like I wouldn't know who those dimples belong too LOL. I am so glad you took a peek. Yes I just started this year but put all my back logs I had on Fotki here. :)

    I figured it'd be fun. :) Plus I love hair talk.

  5. Me too! Hehe. My blog isn't about all hair, but it's probably about 70% hair.

  6. I started the blogs with Sewing LOL, It won't be all about hair either but mostly LOL