Tuesday, August 11, 2015

QVC Junky #7 - Falling in Love Olive Oil Scrub by Philosophy

When I bought this home it was at the right place and during the right time. I had just came home from being outside in the rain and humidity ,after the down pour, was severe. I hopped into the shower and when I applied this to my scrub, the slug that came off was actually embarrassing. It was skunky and filthy as if I hadn't showered that day at all. My skin felt exfoliated and smelled heavenly. Once I put the lotion on, the smell was locked in and the moisture was light. I felt soft and girly all over. The price for this is kind of steep. I ordered this 3 more times and then stopped because I couldn't make sense of spending $80 on a duo of lotion and scrub. I just couldn't. While I would love to continue to use this product, if Philosophy would come down to $50 for this, I could rationalize that spending. I already purchase their Purity which is a must have since I wear makeup. Well I am just starting to wear make up, but you get it. Anywho, if you have the money this is an awesome buy. The smell is amazing and it keeps your skin oh so soft. You don't have to wear perfume afterwards. You just lotion and go. I didn't notice any dry patches on my normally dry skin. I felt it was a good buy maybe once a year, but for my frugal brain for body products, this isn't feasible.

3 weeks before school is back in session

And... I want to come and give a brief update. I am on the Deans List for the semester that just past. I am trying to finish up my classes for My English Writing degree. I was a little nervous that Forbes listed the English Degree as one of the worst degrees ever. It is ok.. because I am taking English Writing, LOL not just basic English. No, it actually isn't a waste. I love writing and I have to do what I feel is right for me, not right for Forbes. I am truly happy class is starting back up in 3 weeks. The children will be back in school, and that means less yelling for me. Just have a house of teenagers and one 9 year old and tell me how you keep the peace. They will embark on new adventures of their lives and I will embark on my own. Continuing to work toward my goal in hopes of success. I have a lot to review and while I don't and won't have much time to review these items. When December Hits, I am going to pump out review after review. Well, with the 5 weeks I have to work with. Next year is going to be a very hard time for me. I am going straight through with no vacations. I just can't do it... I have so much work to do and no enough time. I have to study for my GRE all while studying for my regular classes. This means 2 days on campus, 2 days on my old campus and 2 days at the library and one rest day. I will manage. It will just take a few days, like always, to get things adjusted and into perspective. Well that is all for now. I will update in 3 months :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

College Girl Gone Missing 2015

Happy New Years 2015

Ok, New Years is long gone, but I am still here. I am now a Junior in College, and have changed my major for my junior year. I graduated with my Paralegal Degree, from Middlesex County College. I have been really working my but off trying to graduate before my son who turns 16 this year meets me there. :)

My hair, well you should know, has been falling out. I have hyperthyroid and Graves Diseases and my hair is falling out profusely. I have been on medications of all sorts and the doctors are talking about removing, radioactive or controlling my thyroid. I truly am stumped at the moment as what I am going to do.

With all that is going on, I am trying to not only keep my house under wraps, but focus on school. Lets face it folks, school isn't cheap. So far I am taking 2 Psychology Classes, 2 English Writing Classes and 1 History class. I am already thinking about next semester One yoga class, One elective, and two English writing classes. If you have not guessed it already, I have changed my major to English - Writing. You might as well say Writing. NO, I am far from the perfect grammar queen, but I inspire to be better.

What about that IPL machine I was using from my last post? Well, I can honestly say today that it is still effective. Not only is the hair still gone, after I have taken Biotin to help me, I have very few hairs that rebirthed themselves :) I do get those waxes and Mrs. Kitty. Sorry if that was TMI, I do love sharing.

I would love to say I will be back next week. Maybe with all the writing I will be doing, doctors appointments I will be attending, and things going on in  college and at home, this could be my public journal of some sort. Hmmmmmm, I think I have to leave out the juicy gossip ;)

Well let me go, my almost 16 year old son requires the attention of his mom :)

Until Next time :)