Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Regimen Changes all the time 1/21/2010

My regimen has changed so many times, lol, that is the trick with new products and knowing your hair needs.

I tried coconut oil a week ago and HATED IT, I also used my hair to wipe up the spill I made, so that was my first mistake.

I melted it down today and used a little bit and my hair said thanks for it now we LOVE IT. LOL.

I am using my Hair one $12 dollar Wen Knock off and my hair likes it. I want to eventually use up all the products and have and simplify what I am using. If I only have Hair one, and aphogee for the side for protein, Motions shampoos and products for relaxer time, Ion Clarifying shampoo, and then just my Hair one that seems to be all my needs. Of course the Hair one would be in constant use while the others are on a when needed basis.

I am also sticking to my Wigs, I ordered a second Elise today and 4 other hair pieces. I love my hair pieces and would love to for 90% of this year keep them in rotation only flat ironing when I want to wear my hair out.

I am also getting into headbands, I love it, love it. I never cared for them but now I do, I can't really wear them comfortably with my lacefronts but that is fine. I don't want to have 50 lace fronts just sitting around to say I have 50 lace fronts, I want to use them in a constant rotation. Maybe 2 weeks at a time or monthly! Maybe. lol

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