Thursday, October 11, 2012

By By Relaxed Hair - October 11, 2012

On September 28, 2012, I decided to remove my relaxed hair from my head. School has been driving me up the wall and I still have four boys who crave my attention. I needed a fresh new start, and this was it. I big chopped for the 5th time. No, I don't see it as some movement, or will I start bashing relaxed heads. Honestly, it isn't much behind me cutting my hair other then fitting my life style. It is hard to find a person to relax my hair that I like, I keep my hair under wraps of wigs for most of the time, and I was working out in the summer and spring to where I needed more access to my hair. Washing and heat usage after my work outs wasn't an option.

Now that we have the reality of the why's out the way.....

Let me tell you when I first Cut I was happy, it was cute. THEN.... I started trying all these curly Puddings and that is when JHERI came to visit. I have never used anything but gel in my hair in the past, so the curly puddings for me are new. I did enjoy Miss Jessies Sample of Curly Pudding but I hated Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding. It is pure crap... I paid $6 for it, trust I wanted it to work. I tried Kinky Curly Not today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard and hated that as well. It felt like GUM base was in it. So once I use those two up, they won't be repurchased at all. I am still using WEN/613. I am incorporating AS I Am Coconut Cowash into the mix to have more of an affordable edge. Meaning I will cut down to one 32 oz of WEN a year and two 613's. Everything else will be AIA Coconut Cowash.

I also had the pleasure of using a Sample of Miss Jessies Baby Butter Cream. I will be making a purchase of two of these and 2-4 Curly Puddings, and believe it or not..... Her Slippery sudsy Shampoo too, I will be purchasing two of those. I am pretty impressed with her products and since I didn't expect them to do anything.

So Today I am getting my hair braided. This week I have washed with Miss Jessies Sudsy Shampoo and I clarified before hand with Ion Clarifying Shampoo finished it with WEN Vanilla Mint. I then Deep conditioning with Miss Jessies Sweet Back Treatment. I actually like that product too. Her line really impressed me. My hair was left soft, tangle free, felt strong and I'd purchase it again, during her sale of course. So once again today I am getting my hair braided up to wig it up for the next 3-6 weeks. I will spray it with my nugro or braid spray. I definitely won't be just letting it go bare. I spray after 2 weeks because for the first week it is still moisturized from my normal care routine. I honestly don't want to go past 3 weeks, but with school, I might....

SO here is a list of what worked for me:

Miss Jessies

Curly Pudding
Baby Butter Cream
Sweet Back Treatment
Alter Ego Garlic Treatment - Getting low

Here is a list of what didn't work for me:

Beautiful Textures - Curl Defining Pudding
Kinky Curling Curling Custard
OJON Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair serum

A list of products I use on a regular basis:

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - I use this with every wash possible, melts my tangles. I bought a small sample before splurging on this item. I now own the 14 oz. A must have for my hair.

WEN/613- I have praised the glory of these products to all with ears. I can not say enough about it and it's benefits it has brought my hair. I have less split ends, my hair is more moisturized, curls pop like nobodies business.

I am still using various deep conditioners trying to use them up. I have some that are on the verge of empty so I am super excited about that.

What Wig will I wear... I don't know just yet!!!

I am ready for Black Fridays Sales..... Wigs and Miss Jessies :)

I have a headband on, was chatting with my big sis!
Headbands My new Friend :)
Attempted and Loved COloredbeautiful's High PUFF!
 No Product but Wet and turbie Towel dried for 10 minutes :)
 Loving the look after hating the Jheri Curl LOOK!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Twas the night before Flat Ironing - August 8, 2012

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a .........(record scratches).... Conditioner!

I henna'd my hair today for 5 hours. I am going to sleep over night with a DC on my hair. Tonight I will be using Avon Advantage Techniques Intense Repair Moisture Mask. I will sleep in this over night. Tomorrow I will flat iron my hair and I would like it filled with moisture to avoid excess damage.

For tomorrows flat Iron products I am using CHI Keratin Mist, Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide and I am using for a moisturizing leave in Dudleys PCA. A little does it with my hair so all this is in low to medium moderation.

I will edit to post a pic if possible tomorrow to show my results :).

I haven't flat ironing in a long time so I am excited.

I truly want to see how my hair will stand up to the weather, heat and humidity. I also want to wear my hair straight, I haven't in so long. It is probably pointless to do since the humidity on Saturday will be 79%. Maybe I will opt for a ponytail instead and save the flat ironing for a less then humid day. I think the Ponytail wins.

Started this blog with intentions to flat iron. Even went to the closet to pull the products out. Oh, well all isn't forgotten. I will flat iron my hair when the humidity is much lower. :(

Sorry to get your all jazzed up for such a let down. I promise that it will be worth it when the time comes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Babbles! and More Babbles - August 4, 2012

Transitioning hair 56 weeks -

I washed my hair last night it was what I called new night. I used fairly new hair products with some other products given. I washed my hair 2 weeks ago after I did a henna with As I Am - Coconut cowash. I truly didn't like it last week. Then again none of my products worked well last week. I am not loving KARISHMA Henna. I don't like it, I don't like it, I DON'T Like it. It left my normally soft hair hard as a Boars Head Brush. Not cool! So I won't review based on that.

I used Ojon last week, Can you SAY LOVE IT! I absolutely will be including this into my regimen. I was thinking about getting the 14.7 oz container, I am thinking to just do the 3.1 for now. I have a bad habit of OVER DOING things. Hey admitting is the first part of healing during rehab right. :D
So, I put it on as directed and my hair usually sheds a little ball. NOPE, Not this time I got about 20 strands of hair. Say what, my hair softened up after feeling a little brickish from the Henna. Amazing product.

I used my Beloved 613- what can I say. Amazing. This product does not fail me.

I used As I am Coconut Cowash - I am trying to minimize my bill some. This is a pretty good cowash. It isn't Wen. But..... It did well enough for me to keep using it. It isn't bad at all and the reviews it has gotten is well worth it. I think it is either 4.6 or 5 stars. I'd say 4 stars all the way. The value makes it great for me. I will get 2 bottles of the seasonals of Wen yearly and get 2-613's every year. I won't give up the 613 but the Wen is optional now.

AS I AM DOuble BUTTER - What can I say about this, but the more I used in my hair the better my hair felt. When combined with the As I am Moisture Milk, my hair was no longer dry in my kitchen area. NO way. It smells soft and shea buttery and the Double Butter is like thick yogurt. The MOisture Milk is like Creamy Milk. I have never tried a milk before so this was a great buy for me. I was not only excited to get it, but very pleased with the outcome. I will continue to get these both as well.

I don't remember if I did a blog on me clearing up my closet of hair supplies (I am doing pretty well). I am using up products and setting a budget from now on $500 a year. These monies will be placed on a GIFT CARD in NOvember so I can take advantage of the sales and deals for the end of the year.
I think by staying with in limits I am forced to make choices and changes.

What I used this week As I am coconut Cowash, Nexxus Emergencee, 613, and Avon Advantage Techniques Moisture Mask.

I am going to go into a product I have yet to talk about Avon Advantage Techniques Moisture Mask. I almost feel guilty going into details about it as it has been discontinued. WHY? I don't know. The product had a 4.8 star review. I'd think Avon would want to keep this around. Ladies and Gents, I wish I could tell you it sucked or that it was horrible and was a waste of money. (I was gifted this item) I wish I could.... but I can't. It is amazing.... My curls popped. I truly think all of the products I used this evening were the factor in it working to its ultimate most. I wanted to cut my hair right then and there. My hair was so defined and soft, soft, and soft. I feel the Nexxus gave my hair the protein it needed to accept the moisture and the moisture just did it's thang... My hair was just beyond amazing.

I did do a curlFormer set after and felt guilty disturbing my hair. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

I have 17 months to go before I cut my hair :)
I do need to up my protein's. My lazy ways have taken a toll on my demarcation line of my relaxed and natural hair. While my Natural hair is thick, My relaxed hair is taking a hit. More on that to come. Any Questions and advice please feel free to let me know in a comment. Thanks :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

1 year post - June 30, 2012

I will be 52 weeks July 2, 2012. :) . While I am not totally amused or enthused by the progress I have made it is progress none the less so I can only be happy for that. In some sections I have 7 inches of new growth which is mainly around the sides. My crown is 5.5 inches and other areas are 6 inches. I am looking forward to what year two will bring. I really would love to blog on the styles that I am doing. I am mostly wigging it right now though. :)
I am also using up my stash, I know. Honestly folks I need to learn to live low in cash, in order to use up my stash. I have 66 products and that isn't including multiples. SO for 2012 - 2014 I will not be shopping for items that aren't staples. I also have to be on my LAST month of my staple before purchasing another. Unless on sale and I am on my last product, and the sale is outstanding. I am trying to limit my products honestly. Want to know what I like look below :)
What She likes?
She loves Chaz Deans 613. I don't even think my reveiw did this product any justice. My hair was cleaned with it today and it feels so soft, that hair right up there, was washed with 613, do you see how my curls are popping, they don't pop like this without 613, it is okay, but not like this. I need this SUPERSIZED MR.DEAN!!!!
I also love Wen FIg. I have used Sweet Almond Mint and like Chaz said it is a wonderful place to start, but I needed more.
Wen FIg OIL - AMAZING Grace, how sweet the sun. Who shed it's oil on meeeee! I once was lost, and then I found, Wen Fig Oil so heavenly! this is beyond amazing and I am so sad it is DISCONTINUED!!!!! Yes ladies it is discontinued so sorry.
Hairitage Hydration products, Castor infusion, Silk N Aloe, & Happy Hemp are great for greasing my scalp when I get braids for my wig outs.
NuGro - yes it isn't spelled properly and so what--- The moisturizing spray with oil is AMAZING! for your braids as well. It is a great braid spray and the ingredients are natural just like the other products above that I love.

I seem to see a pattern I love natural products.
I still use One and ONly Argan oil, and why not.... It isn't 100% natural but works for me. :)
Aphogee Leave in - I love this stuff, it works and keeps my relaxed hair strong, what can I say!!!!
Dudleys PCA - a dime to nickel size amount of this is all you need for amazing moisture :)
Dudleys DRC 28 - The strongest and best protein on the market, yet it is so hard to over protein with.

ALTER EGO Garlic COnditioner - Another great product I can't say enough, you want silk, and perfect hair, start here for a deep conditioner. You have shedding here... Here is the stopping point.

Turby Towel --- I love this towel, I wrap my hair up and let it air dry/towel dry a little in there. I can get my hair at least 80% and I actually need to buy another because I love it so.

Magic Star Comb - MUST have, amazing comb

Tangle Teezer - SOme have reported Breakage, 2 years strong now and guess what. NO breakage due to this item. But... Because my hair isn't yours, please use at your own discretion I don't want you to experience any damage.

This is just a briefing of what I use. My Natural and relaxed hair are healthy. I have learned to limit the heat better then I though. I will only use the blow dryer when I want to flat iron, half wig or phony pony my hair, Guess what, I don't do those often. When I wig it, I do that at 3 week intervals, no blow dry necessary. I use curlformers and as you know NO heat necessary :)

I am learning different styles that use limited heat so my hair does not get heat damage.

So ladies the weather is hotttttt, What are you doing to your hair in this extreme heat?


Monday, June 4, 2012

613 By Chaz Dean - June 4, 2012

Chaz Deans 613

What is 613?

613 is a Hair Cleansing Treatment by Chaz Dean the founder of Wen

What the bottle says or the product claim it can do:

Nourishment in numbers. Powered with a blend of eleven amino acids, this daily cleansing treatment revitalizes all types of hair--including damaged locks--by helping to add strength and elasticity. To use, simply rinse hair with cool water, then thoroughly coat hair from scalp to ends with the treatment. From WEN by Chaz Dean.

What are people saying:

This is a major hit being a 4.75 star product on QVC out of 725 reviews.  Even the negatives are positive. Saying the product is too rich and way too moisturizing, that this must for people with damaged or very dry hair. The positive reviews rave of the moisturizing effects and that they can’t ever be without 613 again. That this is the best thing since sliced cheese. After years of damaged hair this is the only Cleansing Treatment that is going to now touch their heads.

My review: My review is based off of 3 weeks of using 613

I paid about $72 dollars with tax and S/H. It comes in a 32 oz. black and white bottle at QVC. It arrived quickly to my door. I waited at least 4-5 months before using the 613. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have high expectations to do this product being compared to the Ginger Pumpkin Wen also made by Chaz Dean. So I grabbed the bottle of 613, I peeled off the top tab and smelled it, Yummy was my first thought, and second. I squeezed some into my hand, which hurt my hands. I lost the pump that came with it. The top pops up in order to squeeze out product. It came out thick and toothpaste like. I felt like this was going to be a bummer. I automatically felt, this is going to be like the Wen GP. OH, boy what a waste. I wet my hair down for a minute. When my hair was thoroughly wet, I rubbed my hands together and put on the 613. The feeling of my hair melting and feeling softer than ever before and heaven is all I can remember. I splashed a little water on my head and then rubbed it. No foam, no lather, just softness, and the feeling of silky and sultry tresses. Tangles were non-existent, my strands felt unbelievable and full of moisture. Chaz Dean I thought, this is the one, this is the one that is going to forever be in my rotation. I was excited that I put myself on auto ship, another was recently mailed out. I feel the 613 surpasses any of the Wen’s I have tried. I have several I have in my possession, but yet to try, so my review is based on Wen Sweet Almond Mint, Ginger Pumpkin and FIG.

I rinsed and DC’ed styling my hair as usual. My natural curls and waves were well formed. I'd recommend this product to anyone.
MY RATING: 5 STARS out of 5 STARS – With five being the best and 1 being the lowest.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012 - Styles for a while

I must first apologize for abandoning my blog for over a month. So much is going on. I am starting school, again. :-) I will definitely be finishing this time.

I am 10 months post relaxer. I was still doing my curlformers hair styles up until 3 weeks ago when I started wigging it again. I personally don't have enough growth to where I would cut. I have had a TWA several times in my life so this/that is nothing new to me.

I have been natural for years out of life, more then relaxed but..... I never had an abundance of hair styles. I wore twist, Weave, Braids, & Twist outs similar to Maxell the singer. LOL You have to keep an open mind. I never straightended my hair or figured I could as an adult. DUH! I know.

So here is what I did. I made a list out of styles I could do as a Natural gal again.

1- 2  weekers

  1.  Curl Formers
  2.  Twist Outs
  3.  High Puffs (very Classy see colouredbeautiful on youtube)
  4.  Wash and Goes
  5.  Braid Outs
  6.  Bun
  7.  Blow Dry and Flat Iron ( 1-2 Weeks)

2-6 weekers
  1.  wigs/Half Wigs
  2.  Flat Twist
  3.  Weave
  4.  Crochet BRaids
  5.  Bantu Knots / Bantu knot outs
  6.  Corn Rows
  7.  Fro-Hawk (if I like it)

So this week I will try my hand at Crochet Braids to get my hair School Ready. My first set of classes are 4 weeks long so I will leave this in for 4 weeks. :)

My hair is doing well. NO breakage issues. I am honestly looking to do the CB for the rest of the summer so that I don't really have to focus on doing anything to it. I am going on vacation in July and want a low maintenance hair style that doesn't require a lot. That can get wet and won't look a mess and that is not to hot where I will be dying of thirst. LOL

I think Crochet Braids (CB) fits the bill :)
Not to mention it is CHEAP and it is the perfect style for a Student paying as she goes!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012 - Thursday Hair Wash day - :)

Today I washed my hair twice with Motions Luxury Shampoo ---- I haven't used sulphates in a while, I could tell, the muck from my hair was like Ewwww! LOL

I then used the Wen Fig/Pumpkin combo and left it on for about 5 minutes.
Rinsed extra well and put in Nexxus Emergencee for 3 mintues.
Rinsed and put Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner on my roots and Proclaim Hydrating Masque on the rest of my hair as you would a relaxer. Meaning I didn't skimp on my product at all. I put a cap on and Went old school under my dryer for 20 minutes let it sit for 10 and rinsed it out well. I added my Aphogee leave in conditioner and Aphogee Green Tea, Put 4 pumps of buriti oil through out my hair.

I set it in Curlformers (took an hour to do this and 3 hours from start to finish) I used 1:5 ratio of Lottabody and water. I got under my dryer for 30 minutes then let it sit for 5 hours.

When I removed them my hair was bouncey & shiney and very soft. I sprayed Pantene Fine Hair Style Hair Spray on so it can hold my style for the week. :)

I am still holding out on using heat and have not used any of my 2 heat passes yet :)

Next week I will wash all the same but blow dry to prepare for my braiding that will be done so I can wear my wigs for 2 weeks. :) I miss wigging it. Doing my hair takes work LOL. I need more options. I love my curlformers, and pillow soft rollers, but I know I want atleast 2 more options other then BUNS. LOL I bun to death sometimes.

Looking forward to my next update :) yay!

Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27 2012 - Hair hair hair :)

So It has been a minute since I blogged solely about hair.

I have been doing various things I even got a hair cut :) smiles.

I tried Wen Ginger Pumpkin and Honestly didn't care for it. I mixed it up with some fig half and half and now it is the best thing since sliced cheese. :) Today I mixed it up in a 16 oz. container, because the hair that I felt was ubber soft and still feels great.

I am still using up my stash but have made 3 purchases since the year started. I purchased Wen Vanilla Mint for my Birthday, Wen Pomegrante & Lottabody setting lotion.

While I am on the verge of finishing much, I am still not finishing things fast enough :)
So that is why I can't continue to purchase anymore new stock until I finish up what I have.

I have fallen back in love with my Pillow soft rollers :) and I absolutely adore my curlformers. For the 2012 I plan to use low heat. For me it poses difficult since weekly I style with heat. I braid it up for wigging and that usually saves me a little bit. I figure 2 weeks wigging it and 2 weeks of styling my hair in different low heat styles that don't require so much heat. Curl Formers are excellent for low heat. I am giving myself 2 passes per month with heat.

I got a more then a 3 inch trim less then a 6 inch trim. I want to avoid this amount for my next trim. Will this make a difference? I hope so! I am also not doing such long stretches when I wig it. I will braid it for only 2 weeks before a heavy deep condition, any longer my hair seems to suffer and dry.

I will do a 3 &6 month update at the end of May &August. I am due for a trim in 3 months, and another trim in 6 months.

Yes. I have revamped my hair care ALOT! LOL but I think this is going to be positive. I am still using Nexxus Emergencee weekly and once a month I swap it out for Dudleys DRC!

I am 34 weeks into my transition. I think that cut was just what the doctor ordered. I am enjoying my hair, style and wear :)

The one thing I love. It isn't about length, it's about enjoying your healthy hair :) making sure you feel beautiful.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

115 lbs - January 24, 2012

So I weighted in this Monday, I am 115 lbs

21% Body Fat
34 % Muscle
4.2% bone mass
55% Water

I am trying to get my body fat down 1% (to 20%) and my muscle up 1% as well to (35%). I am now lifting weights to build more muscle if I can. I am doing several exercises, Elliptical, Zumba 1 and Zumba 2, Wii Fit, Jilllian Michaels Get Ripped 30, Jillian Michaels 6 weeks abs, and I am so sure I will be buying more Jillian Michael programs because they get results and make things interesting :).

I am super excited My abs are also coming together, They are a working progress for this Mom of four :)


Edited: Just wanted to include in 2008 I was 117 lbs. But My Body fat was over 32%. I heard someone say they didn't think it was possible. It is possible and my Trainer DOUBLE CHECKED to make sure and was shocked himself. As we all know that body fat percentage was saying I was obese, even though my scale wasn't. For Sure I didn't feel sexy! Don't ask what my muscle was at the time, they probably didn't exist (joking, kinda)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wash time :) - January 16,2012

So yesterday I cleansed my hair with my Normal Wen Fig, and then decided to use up some ORS Replenishing Paks as I have 12 (11 now) and wanted to clear up my stash.

First treatment this year I used Nexxus Emergencee with great results of course.
Second Treatment was Dudleys DRC -28

Since I didn't want to add a heavy protein 3 weeks in a row, I went ahead and used ORS Replenishing Pak (usually acts more moisturizing for me) but others stated protein so I used it as both LOL.

I used my new Hercules Sagmann Magic Star Rake Comb and both of these together offered my hair unbelieveable smoothness and the shedding/breakage was miniscule. I am super happy with the comb. I own the Wen seamless comb and a Hairsense Detangling bone comb #206. I love them all but the teeth were not long enough for my hair.

I still own my Tangle Teezer and do use it. Seems like as the Tangle Teezer gets older the less it works in my favor. I have used 3-4 Tangle Teezers tis far. I have 2 more left. I will continue to buy these as I like them.

On to my Hair wash, I used Wen Fig and it went very well, I parted from ear to ear. Pulling the hair forward and the other hair back towards the side of my hair. I cleansed and then parted and added my ORS conditioner into small enough sections that my hair would have it evenly applied and combed it through. Put a Metalic cap on and left it for a little over 1 hour. (was busy, planned only for 45 minutes). Rinsed it out, Added my Aphogee Green Tea, Aphogee Leave in, 2 pumps of Buriti oil and sat under the dryer for 10 minutes for my hair to dry mostly then Blow dried the rest out.

My hair feels great, Honestly it does. I know some may feel this is a cheap under $2 product but it is definitely worth it LOL, Good thing is I didn't have to do a two step, this was it, no protein then moisturizing, felt weird LOL. My hair is definitely lavishing in all the extra TLC. I guess it doesn't like to be braided up for long. Little does she know she will be braided up in a couple of weeks I need a break :/

With working out there is no way I could wash my hair any less then one week. This is when my hair is most happy, so out of braids this is it. In braids I can go 2-3 weeks. Which isn't a common thing, only when I am wearing wigs or lace fronts. DAG I haven't done a Lace front in a minute and I have quite a few Human Hair Lace Fronts :/ That is why this year is my cheap year. I can't fathom spending so much money any more and not using it. Different if I was using it.

One purchase tis far is WEN Vanilla Mint - Gift I got myself for my birthday. I have 5(different products not quantity) more purchases for the year. One will be my beloved Edge control by Organic Root Stimulator x 2/3
Others would be as needed (If needed)

Until Next time.... Have a Good Day :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th 2012 - What's New What's up :)

We have completed one whole week into 2012 and next week is my birthday :)

I am 21.6 on the BMI scale, not trying to lose any more weight at all. I am still exercising because it is the right thing for me to do to keep healthy along with eating right. I figure the safe weight for me is 115 Lower end, 120 is what I want to keep at (a little less then that now) and 125 is the max I want to be. I think I look great and want to keep it healthy and toned.

OKAY...... So I am going to go for a 24-36 month Transition. I have a ton of products to use up and I don't want to have short hair, been there DONE THAT. I have balded myself quite enough. Soooooooo. What I am going to do is just keep it trimmed at hip. I am HIP length Whew hew. I will keep it there. I am healthy relaxed right now and a little concerned about long term transitioning issues as I have never transitioned I have just shaved myself when I wanted a change.

Today I washed my hair with Wen Fig. I used Kerapro Intensive treatment (HATED IT) I wanted to love it, I did. but No bueno! So I did use my DRC after, with me having 6 months, and 2 days post relaxer, My hair needs to stay strong so it can stay attached. I put a metallic conditioning cap. I rinsed that out and used Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner & Proclaim Hydrating masque put the same cap on, because I am cheap.... and left it on for an hour, rinsed and BAM hair was soft as baby butter bottom cotton swab with cotton candy. hehehehehe

I used my HAIRSENSE Seamless comb that I have owned for about 2 years and I still love it to detangle. I also used my Denman (It is new) to detangle. Detangling session was great.

I put in some Buriti Oil, sat under the dryer for 10 minutes. Combed through again and blow dried. After I put it up in a pony tail and slapped my Tisha Half Wig ON :)

My plans for my LONG term Transition is Lots of HALF WIGS.

I hope to cut it when it is MBL.

I do still plan to use my curlformers. I don't wear my hair out right now but maybe one to two times a year so that is fine. I rock wigs alot or buns that won't stop. :)