Tuesday, January 18, 2011

March 13, 2010

Today I washed with Hair One twice, I then put in Silk Elements Olive Oil Megasilk Moisturizing Conditioner under the steamer 20/30 minutes, afterward I put porosity control in it then sprayed Aphogee Green tea, Aphogee Leave in & then put in Herstyler serum and argan oil.

Dried under the dryer for 10 minutes then dried with a hair dryer for about 2-3 minutes. added a smidge of Chi in it and all is good. :D

My hair feels really good, only my hairline edges feel a little raw, I don't know if it is because the terry headband is around it or what. The rest of the hair feels nice, soft light weight. I am actually wearing it out, in a banana clip. How I wish I could find nice banana clips. Unforutnately I am coming to the end of a few of my products :(

My aphogee Green tea is on thin Ice, so is my yes to carrots, only because I shared with my son and my cousin. I figure the 8oz container will last about 9 uses. While my hair feels light and bouncy with Yes to carrots, SE Green container makes my hair feel very well conditioned with both protein and moisture while YTC is great for moisture. Oh well we will see I will use this same regimen next week so I can see better the results after one use!

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