Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4-2-6 My new regimen 2010-2012 August 7, 2010

I probably discussed this in a previous Journal but I am adapting 4/2/6 in a 2 year cycle. So that I could give myself a break, use up some products and enjoy looking stylish :)

4/2/6 broken down

4 WEEKS OF BRAIDS IN (under wigs) Beehive style - I will rinse the braids, no aggitating them, I will spray watered down shampoo sulfate free Chocolate Soy Milk ontop of the braids let them sit and spray with hose.

Tap some conditioner on and get under steamer all this once every 10 days.

Three times a week min - Spray with braid spray and CHI- keratin mist ;)

2 WEEKS of NO BRAIDS - I will use this time to baby my hair, Clarify it and deep condition. I can wear my hair in a Bun, Phony Pony, Doobie, or really what ever I choose, but it has to be semi-low maintanence for me. After the two weeks it goes back up in braids or if it is relaxer time, it gets relaxed.

6 WEEKS - Right after a relaxer I have 6 weeks to baby my hair, and wear Doobies, :) most likely this is what I will wear, go to the salon and enjoy some one else doing my hair for a few weeks out of the year :)

I will still get my relaxers every 4 months...
I will still trim my hair every 3-4 months myself with the split ender and if I need a cut I will determine that at the time.

I will still enjoy my own hair which is what I love about this program. It is not hide all your hair forever and then be frustrated when it is out mode.

Well this sums it up. My products are still the same the only addition is ParNevu T-Tree Braid Spray during braid up time and when off all is my normal regimen. :)

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