Monday, June 27, 2011

Staples of June 2011

My staples and what they are and how do I use them :)
Wen Fig Hair Cleaser (Gallon) - I love this stuff. I part my hair down the middle not even perse' but parting my hair in two from front to back. I wet my hair for about a minute. Then I apply one pump to each side. I rub it a little to feel it disbursed a little, then I splash water on both side and get a sudsing and move it in wash motion being careful not to tangle my hair. Rinse after 8 minutes.
Aphogee 2 minute: After cleaning and lightly towel drying I put a half dollar size in my palm for one side and the same for the other. I use a Self Heating cap and leave on for 10 minutes & rinse.
Dudley's DRC 28- As needed or before a relaxer, after cleaning I Spray this on moderatley. I cover with a plastic cap and leave on for 20 minutes as I sit under a hooded dryer. After 20 minutes I rinse.
Wen Fig Oil - I just add a dropper or two to some of everything. I add it to my Wen Fig Cleanser for a DC, to my Hair bare as a Moisturizer seal, to my leave in to boost the moisturizing effect.
Dudley PCA Moisture Retainer- I use this after I DC when Needed. this is a leave in. VERY VERY VERY moisturizing.
Aphogee Leave in Conditioner & Green Tea Reconstructorizer - I use these normally together after every wash. Sometimes I will put the PCA in place of the Leave IN since they are both leave ins. I always use the Green Tea :) I spray about 6 pumps per side of each product.
Buriti Oil - I use 2 pumps and it's great stuff, use in place of your serum :)
Ion Clarifying Shampoo - I use this as needed and I wet my hair and clean 2 times with this.
Tangle Teezer - My old Faithful Detangler
Rake Comb- handy with my tangle teezer
BONE COMB- I use this only on DRY hair :) Keeps the splits at bay!
NOTE: I Have a lot of stash I will have to go through before I am only down to my staples. :)
It can be done, as long as the lord allows. I have so MUCH stuff right now, it is a shame. I am looking to narrow down and have only the things listed above. :)

Relax it's all Good - July 2011

This weekend I am having my hair relaxed. Corrective process actually.
To prepare for this I ....
Washed my hair with Wen Fig :)
Did a Heavy DRC-28 Protein Treatment
Applied Silk Elements Megasilk DC for about 1 - 2 hours
Aphogee Leave in & Green Tea
Put in a little Wen Fig Oil, Buriti Oil
Put it up into a ponytail braid and wrapped around to a bun.
Gonna Leave it like this until my relaxer Day.
I am going to have my hair relaxed with Motions Oil Moisturizer Relaxer. I have packed my bag to go get my hair done and I am ubber excited. don't really want a trim but I might get a smidge of one anyway.
Okay Anyone who knows me knows I love Silk Elements DC. I did have to take the 3 I bought back. I have one more in my closet from before. After that is gone I will use the Wen Fig Oil with the Wen Fig Cleanser and deep condition with that.
What is Amazing about the Wen Fig Gallon is I only need 2 pumps. One for one side and one for the next. My DC would consist of one pump and one to two squirts of Wen Fig oil which is a repurchase :) when I run low on that.
I think I have my new Staples some old and some new, which will be an entirely new thread :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

FUN (or should I say Fat) TIME IS OVER - June 2011

I am now just up to my eye balls in whining about losing weight. YES WHINING. I frigging get myself sick. LIKE SHUT UP already, you broken record.

I weight 135 lbs. Yes I put it out there I am 5'2" and to me I look FAT. I have a FAT butt with Fatt Thighs and A waist line to match. I am SOOOOO Tired of my oldest brother bothering me about my size, when he looks 7 months pregnant. The fact that my own weight bothers me puts my sensitivity out there as well. Not to mention my cousin who we tease and poke also bothers me about my weight. I have had four kids and look better then any woman they bring forward. No disrespect to the wives or girl friends. :)

BUT....... How the hell do I keep my hair from looking a HOT MESS! You knew I was going to hair on this right? LOL

Must I wash my hair daily?, I don't want to do that.
I will also be posting my weight loss journey here :)

135lbs and 25 to go :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Skimp on the Products - June 17, 2011

Okay, So I know I am not the only one. Who actually noticed your hair is longer and your still trying to make do with the amount you used for hair length from years ago. Then you go hmm this crap isn't working any more.

OKAY, Guess what Happened. I love and Adore Silk Elements Megasilk. I adore it love it and it leaves my hair moisturized for real. So what happens, I actually started to develope a hate for it. Not moisturizing my hair. Feeling blah. I realized I am skimping on my product. SOooooo. I part my hair like I use to and take a small section like I am relaxing, I put conditioner in my hand and this is on towel lightly dried hair, and put ample conditioner on from root to tip. I added a little dropper of Wen Fig Oil to my hand and focused on my ends and then worked my way up with the slight bit left on. Used my conditioning cap for two hours and rinsed.

UBBER SOFT HAIR! Amazing, just like Silk Elements. After rinsing I did use my Favorite Aphogee 2 Minute. Leave in's consisted of Aphogee Green Tea spray about 8 sprays, aphogee leave in 4 sprays, & dudleys PCA and a dime sized amount.

I used my Tangle Teezer to do first detangling then my large rake comb. This is to not put so much wear and tear on my Teezer. It does get weaker with time. I get better detangling with a fresh out the box Teezer, my cat Tabitha inherited my Old Tangle Teezer. I have been using mine since December 2010 and no it hasn't cut my hair up, it offers me great detangling. Just have to invest in about 2 per year :( which it was once a year LOL