Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2012 Plans

I will do a similar plan as in 2011. 2011 I will wig it every 3 months the 4th month I'd not wear my hair in wigs and I'd let my hair breath. For 2012 I will do every 2 months and then the 3rd month I will let it breath. It gives me 4 months of Babying my hair and 8 months of hiding it.

I plan to be WL by 2012 but things happen and I do n't know exactly where I will be. Hopefully alive if the good lord allows.

I will chart my list of wigs for 2012 next year. I will possibly do this again in 2013 as my permanent routine. It gives my hair even more time to be pampered :)

Heres to growing hair :)

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