Tuesday, January 18, 2011

September 21, 2010

have been washing my hair, just most likely haven't posted each time. I am going back up into a LF next week for 2 weeks only. :) so here is what I did.

Glad to be here another day. This week I washed my hair with my favorite ..... Hair One olive oil. I then put on my Alter Ego sat under my steamer for 30 minutes, rinsed out and put Aphogee 2 minutes on for 2 minutes LOL rinsed added my leave ins Aphogee Green tea and leave in and got under my hooded dryer, after drying 90% I added HerStyler Serum blow dried and then added a little Argan Oil.

I am wearing a clip in bang with my Etsy.com clomb claw in the back with my hair twisted up Love it

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