Tuesday, January 18, 2011

June 27, 2010

Couldn't wait until TUesday or thursday to wash my hubby said the build up from my gel was showing so therefore I am sitting under the dryer with APhogee 2 Step on my hair. I will steam today haven't done that in a while. . I think My Ion moisture extreme will be the choice for today. I clarified my hair whew hew, will shampoo with Hair one after the APhogee 2 step, I have found this allows me to make sure not too much protein is on my head and will prevent protein overload. Not many choices of open Moisturizing conditionersl I have my Banana Brulee Hmm maybe this one, but when I get under the steamer she is wicked she will make it seem like Aphogee 2 step was never applied LOL. I have Ion extreme moisture, Yes to carrots and Aussie 3 minute moisture.

It's 5:30. I started at 5:15 wonder how long it's going to take

Edit: I used all that was listed but my hair was tangled bad, I am guessing from not combing. I used ORS Replenishing Pak and left that one for about 30 minutes. My hair was smooth and soft.

I will be relaxing on June 30, 2010 Wednesday. :) So this came right on time.

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