Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012 - Styles for a while

I must first apologize for abandoning my blog for over a month. So much is going on. I am starting school, again. :-) I will definitely be finishing this time.

I am 10 months post relaxer. I was still doing my curlformers hair styles up until 3 weeks ago when I started wigging it again. I personally don't have enough growth to where I would cut. I have had a TWA several times in my life so this/that is nothing new to me.

I have been natural for years out of life, more then relaxed but..... I never had an abundance of hair styles. I wore twist, Weave, Braids, & Twist outs similar to Maxell the singer. LOL You have to keep an open mind. I never straightended my hair or figured I could as an adult. DUH! I know.

So here is what I did. I made a list out of styles I could do as a Natural gal again.

1- 2  weekers

  1.  Curl Formers
  2.  Twist Outs
  3.  High Puffs (very Classy see colouredbeautiful on youtube)
  4.  Wash and Goes
  5.  Braid Outs
  6.  Bun
  7.  Blow Dry and Flat Iron ( 1-2 Weeks)

2-6 weekers
  1.  wigs/Half Wigs
  2.  Flat Twist
  3.  Weave
  4.  Crochet BRaids
  5.  Bantu Knots / Bantu knot outs
  6.  Corn Rows
  7.  Fro-Hawk (if I like it)

So this week I will try my hand at Crochet Braids to get my hair School Ready. My first set of classes are 4 weeks long so I will leave this in for 4 weeks. :)

My hair is doing well. NO breakage issues. I am honestly looking to do the CB for the rest of the summer so that I don't really have to focus on doing anything to it. I am going on vacation in July and want a low maintenance hair style that doesn't require a lot. That can get wet and won't look a mess and that is not to hot where I will be dying of thirst. LOL

I think Crochet Braids (CB) fits the bill :)
Not to mention it is CHEAP and it is the perfect style for a Student paying as she goes!


  1. CONGRATZ on going back to school. I wish you nothing but success! What are you going for?

  2. @Blutiful Blaq Thanks so much sis I am grabbing that positive energy your giving because I know I will need it. I am going BACK to school for Paralegal. I went to school for it 8 years ago and didn't complete so Back I go :)


    Thanks again :)

  3. this post was so helpful. Im in that transition phase where it's like "ok, done the braidouts,twistouts,buns, now what?" area.

  4. @pink Sunshine :) thanks so much for reading my blog. Your transition is going to go through a few phases and it is perfectly normal. If you've mastered those styles, now it is time to tweek them a little with accessories :) and styling tools. :)