Monday, January 16, 2012

Wash time :) - January 16,2012

So yesterday I cleansed my hair with my Normal Wen Fig, and then decided to use up some ORS Replenishing Paks as I have 12 (11 now) and wanted to clear up my stash.

First treatment this year I used Nexxus Emergencee with great results of course.
Second Treatment was Dudleys DRC -28

Since I didn't want to add a heavy protein 3 weeks in a row, I went ahead and used ORS Replenishing Pak (usually acts more moisturizing for me) but others stated protein so I used it as both LOL.

I used my new Hercules Sagmann Magic Star Rake Comb and both of these together offered my hair unbelieveable smoothness and the shedding/breakage was miniscule. I am super happy with the comb. I own the Wen seamless comb and a Hairsense Detangling bone comb #206. I love them all but the teeth were not long enough for my hair.

I still own my Tangle Teezer and do use it. Seems like as the Tangle Teezer gets older the less it works in my favor. I have used 3-4 Tangle Teezers tis far. I have 2 more left. I will continue to buy these as I like them.

On to my Hair wash, I used Wen Fig and it went very well, I parted from ear to ear. Pulling the hair forward and the other hair back towards the side of my hair. I cleansed and then parted and added my ORS conditioner into small enough sections that my hair would have it evenly applied and combed it through. Put a Metalic cap on and left it for a little over 1 hour. (was busy, planned only for 45 minutes). Rinsed it out, Added my Aphogee Green Tea, Aphogee Leave in, 2 pumps of Buriti oil and sat under the dryer for 10 minutes for my hair to dry mostly then Blow dried the rest out.

My hair feels great, Honestly it does. I know some may feel this is a cheap under $2 product but it is definitely worth it LOL, Good thing is I didn't have to do a two step, this was it, no protein then moisturizing, felt weird LOL. My hair is definitely lavishing in all the extra TLC. I guess it doesn't like to be braided up for long. Little does she know she will be braided up in a couple of weeks I need a break :/

With working out there is no way I could wash my hair any less then one week. This is when my hair is most happy, so out of braids this is it. In braids I can go 2-3 weeks. Which isn't a common thing, only when I am wearing wigs or lace fronts. DAG I haven't done a Lace front in a minute and I have quite a few Human Hair Lace Fronts :/ That is why this year is my cheap year. I can't fathom spending so much money any more and not using it. Different if I was using it.

One purchase tis far is WEN Vanilla Mint - Gift I got myself for my birthday. I have 5(different products not quantity) more purchases for the year. One will be my beloved Edge control by Organic Root Stimulator x 2/3
Others would be as needed (If needed)

Until Next time.... Have a Good Day :)


  1. I absolutely love my tangle teaser. It detangles my new growth beautifully!!

  2. I so adore my Tangle Teezer as well :) it is one of my must have tools for my hair.