Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012 - Thursday Hair Wash day - :)

Today I washed my hair twice with Motions Luxury Shampoo ---- I haven't used sulphates in a while, I could tell, the muck from my hair was like Ewwww! LOL

I then used the Wen Fig/Pumpkin combo and left it on for about 5 minutes.
Rinsed extra well and put in Nexxus Emergencee for 3 mintues.
Rinsed and put Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner on my roots and Proclaim Hydrating Masque on the rest of my hair as you would a relaxer. Meaning I didn't skimp on my product at all. I put a cap on and Went old school under my dryer for 20 minutes let it sit for 10 and rinsed it out well. I added my Aphogee leave in conditioner and Aphogee Green Tea, Put 4 pumps of buriti oil through out my hair.

I set it in Curlformers (took an hour to do this and 3 hours from start to finish) I used 1:5 ratio of Lottabody and water. I got under my dryer for 30 minutes then let it sit for 5 hours.

When I removed them my hair was bouncey & shiney and very soft. I sprayed Pantene Fine Hair Style Hair Spray on so it can hold my style for the week. :)

I am still holding out on using heat and have not used any of my 2 heat passes yet :)

Next week I will wash all the same but blow dry to prepare for my braiding that will be done so I can wear my wigs for 2 weeks. :) I miss wigging it. Doing my hair takes work LOL. I need more options. I love my curlformers, and pillow soft rollers, but I know I want atleast 2 more options other then BUNS. LOL I bun to death sometimes.

Looking forward to my next update :) yay!


  1. I recently purchased a sulfate-free shampoo because my hair is color-treated but you are the 3rd person to state how it doesn't seem to clean as well. IDK about this? I'm sure your set looked lovely.

  2. Oh no I have been sulfphate free since 2009. I have been pushing the limits, usually I'd use a sulphate every 2-3 months, I think I only used a Sulphate shampoo last year about 2 times. :/
    I pushed it LOL.

    My hair has been in better health and less split ends since the switch. :)

    Every so often make sure you do use a sulphate shampoo though. :)

    I tried to take a few pictures and it didn't come out as well. I am going to have to use a camera and ditch the Cell phone camera for a minute. :) Will post pics by my next blog :)