Saturday, June 30, 2012

1 year post - June 30, 2012

I will be 52 weeks July 2, 2012. :) . While I am not totally amused or enthused by the progress I have made it is progress none the less so I can only be happy for that. In some sections I have 7 inches of new growth which is mainly around the sides. My crown is 5.5 inches and other areas are 6 inches. I am looking forward to what year two will bring. I really would love to blog on the styles that I am doing. I am mostly wigging it right now though. :)
I am also using up my stash, I know. Honestly folks I need to learn to live low in cash, in order to use up my stash. I have 66 products and that isn't including multiples. SO for 2012 - 2014 I will not be shopping for items that aren't staples. I also have to be on my LAST month of my staple before purchasing another. Unless on sale and I am on my last product, and the sale is outstanding. I am trying to limit my products honestly. Want to know what I like look below :)
What She likes?
She loves Chaz Deans 613. I don't even think my reveiw did this product any justice. My hair was cleaned with it today and it feels so soft, that hair right up there, was washed with 613, do you see how my curls are popping, they don't pop like this without 613, it is okay, but not like this. I need this SUPERSIZED MR.DEAN!!!!
I also love Wen FIg. I have used Sweet Almond Mint and like Chaz said it is a wonderful place to start, but I needed more.
Wen FIg OIL - AMAZING Grace, how sweet the sun. Who shed it's oil on meeeee! I once was lost, and then I found, Wen Fig Oil so heavenly! this is beyond amazing and I am so sad it is DISCONTINUED!!!!! Yes ladies it is discontinued so sorry.
Hairitage Hydration products, Castor infusion, Silk N Aloe, & Happy Hemp are great for greasing my scalp when I get braids for my wig outs.
NuGro - yes it isn't spelled properly and so what--- The moisturizing spray with oil is AMAZING! for your braids as well. It is a great braid spray and the ingredients are natural just like the other products above that I love.

I seem to see a pattern I love natural products.
I still use One and ONly Argan oil, and why not.... It isn't 100% natural but works for me. :)
Aphogee Leave in - I love this stuff, it works and keeps my relaxed hair strong, what can I say!!!!
Dudleys PCA - a dime to nickel size amount of this is all you need for amazing moisture :)
Dudleys DRC 28 - The strongest and best protein on the market, yet it is so hard to over protein with.

ALTER EGO Garlic COnditioner - Another great product I can't say enough, you want silk, and perfect hair, start here for a deep conditioner. You have shedding here... Here is the stopping point.

Turby Towel --- I love this towel, I wrap my hair up and let it air dry/towel dry a little in there. I can get my hair at least 80% and I actually need to buy another because I love it so.

Magic Star Comb - MUST have, amazing comb

Tangle Teezer - SOme have reported Breakage, 2 years strong now and guess what. NO breakage due to this item. But... Because my hair isn't yours, please use at your own discretion I don't want you to experience any damage.

This is just a briefing of what I use. My Natural and relaxed hair are healthy. I have learned to limit the heat better then I though. I will only use the blow dryer when I want to flat iron, half wig or phony pony my hair, Guess what, I don't do those often. When I wig it, I do that at 3 week intervals, no blow dry necessary. I use curlformers and as you know NO heat necessary :)

I am learning different styles that use limited heat so my hair does not get heat damage.

So ladies the weather is hotttttt, What are you doing to your hair in this extreme heat?



  1. I am wigging also, also due to the heat I have had to add a mid week DC on my hair to help keep it moisturized.

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