Monday, June 4, 2012

613 By Chaz Dean - June 4, 2012

Chaz Deans 613

What is 613?

613 is a Hair Cleansing Treatment by Chaz Dean the founder of Wen

What the bottle says or the product claim it can do:

Nourishment in numbers. Powered with a blend of eleven amino acids, this daily cleansing treatment revitalizes all types of hair--including damaged locks--by helping to add strength and elasticity. To use, simply rinse hair with cool water, then thoroughly coat hair from scalp to ends with the treatment. From WEN by Chaz Dean.

What are people saying:

This is a major hit being a 4.75 star product on QVC out of 725 reviews.  Even the negatives are positive. Saying the product is too rich and way too moisturizing, that this must for people with damaged or very dry hair. The positive reviews rave of the moisturizing effects and that they can’t ever be without 613 again. That this is the best thing since sliced cheese. After years of damaged hair this is the only Cleansing Treatment that is going to now touch their heads.

My review: My review is based off of 3 weeks of using 613

I paid about $72 dollars with tax and S/H. It comes in a 32 oz. black and white bottle at QVC. It arrived quickly to my door. I waited at least 4-5 months before using the 613. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have high expectations to do this product being compared to the Ginger Pumpkin Wen also made by Chaz Dean. So I grabbed the bottle of 613, I peeled off the top tab and smelled it, Yummy was my first thought, and second. I squeezed some into my hand, which hurt my hands. I lost the pump that came with it. The top pops up in order to squeeze out product. It came out thick and toothpaste like. I felt like this was going to be a bummer. I automatically felt, this is going to be like the Wen GP. OH, boy what a waste. I wet my hair down for a minute. When my hair was thoroughly wet, I rubbed my hands together and put on the 613. The feeling of my hair melting and feeling softer than ever before and heaven is all I can remember. I splashed a little water on my head and then rubbed it. No foam, no lather, just softness, and the feeling of silky and sultry tresses. Tangles were non-existent, my strands felt unbelievable and full of moisture. Chaz Dean I thought, this is the one, this is the one that is going to forever be in my rotation. I was excited that I put myself on auto ship, another was recently mailed out. I feel the 613 surpasses any of the Wen’s I have tried. I have several I have in my possession, but yet to try, so my review is based on Wen Sweet Almond Mint, Ginger Pumpkin and FIG.

I rinsed and DC’ed styling my hair as usual. My natural curls and waves were well formed. I'd recommend this product to anyone.
MY RATING: 5 STARS out of 5 STARS – With five being the best and 1 being the lowest.


  1. Wow, 5 stars really says a lot.I can't get over the price but I'm guessing that it's worth is more important than the cost to you. I'm sure it lasts a while. Ive never seen this product before.

  2. LaQT/TY I honestly I can't give it enough stars. LOL
    YES the price is beast. Remember though about the 30 money back guarantee if you don't LOVE the product. So it is worth a try. GLAD I tried it out. I just can't scream it enough, so I will chant 613, 613, 613 , 613 LOLOL Picture crowds of women chanting this. LOL

    Honestly I love it! If you live in NJ or NY, we need to have a wash session and you will be converted LOL

  3. Sometimes I wish I was back on the east coast, but then the snow quickly reminds me of why I left. But if I was I would definitely take you up on that wash session. Do they have smaller containers? I'll do some research. You can tell I'm a recovering pj.....I don't even know what the "it" products are anymore.

    1. LOL awww, I am still in recovery. I am totally understanding of it.

      If you need a very moisturizing product this is it :)

  4. What a review! This is going on my wish list. I recently cleaned up and organized my products and I refuse to purchase anything new until I use up some of my current stuff though so it will be a while! But based on your review this is something I absolutely MUST at least try!

  5. I totally understand. I am down to years worth of supplies and I am super proud of myself. I don't intend to purchase anymore supplies until at least next year, unless absolutely necessary.

  6. Thanks for this review, I love Sally's Hair One, and I have been meaning to try Wen.

    But a few days ago my husband comes up to me and says "the next time I but shampoo and conditioner, I want to try some sulfate free stuff"

    Its great that my hair health addiction has rubbed off on him ^_^ He's already past CBL!

    1. Awesome, I like Hair One Olive Oil a lot as well. It is a great replica. Yet, Even Wen has nothing on 613. LOL I am a 613 pusha LOL, hehehe. Great stuff. :) It is 32oz. and will last you and DH for a while. THat is awesome he is on this journey with out. :) Mine is getting bald LOL, let me stop before I get in trouble. LOL

  7. Hi ladies I paid the money it is so worth it. My fro had grown to a stopping point until I tried this. omg. the 32oz bottle last me some time and I wash and use as a leaving daily. My hair is think and smells amazing. Also, my hair doesn't shead anywhere as much as it use too.