Saturday, August 4, 2012

Babbles! and More Babbles - August 4, 2012

Transitioning hair 56 weeks -

I washed my hair last night it was what I called new night. I used fairly new hair products with some other products given. I washed my hair 2 weeks ago after I did a henna with As I Am - Coconut cowash. I truly didn't like it last week. Then again none of my products worked well last week. I am not loving KARISHMA Henna. I don't like it, I don't like it, I DON'T Like it. It left my normally soft hair hard as a Boars Head Brush. Not cool! So I won't review based on that.

I used Ojon last week, Can you SAY LOVE IT! I absolutely will be including this into my regimen. I was thinking about getting the 14.7 oz container, I am thinking to just do the 3.1 for now. I have a bad habit of OVER DOING things. Hey admitting is the first part of healing during rehab right. :D
So, I put it on as directed and my hair usually sheds a little ball. NOPE, Not this time I got about 20 strands of hair. Say what, my hair softened up after feeling a little brickish from the Henna. Amazing product.

I used my Beloved 613- what can I say. Amazing. This product does not fail me.

I used As I am Coconut Cowash - I am trying to minimize my bill some. This is a pretty good cowash. It isn't Wen. But..... It did well enough for me to keep using it. It isn't bad at all and the reviews it has gotten is well worth it. I think it is either 4.6 or 5 stars. I'd say 4 stars all the way. The value makes it great for me. I will get 2 bottles of the seasonals of Wen yearly and get 2-613's every year. I won't give up the 613 but the Wen is optional now.

AS I AM DOuble BUTTER - What can I say about this, but the more I used in my hair the better my hair felt. When combined with the As I am Moisture Milk, my hair was no longer dry in my kitchen area. NO way. It smells soft and shea buttery and the Double Butter is like thick yogurt. The MOisture Milk is like Creamy Milk. I have never tried a milk before so this was a great buy for me. I was not only excited to get it, but very pleased with the outcome. I will continue to get these both as well.

I don't remember if I did a blog on me clearing up my closet of hair supplies (I am doing pretty well). I am using up products and setting a budget from now on $500 a year. These monies will be placed on a GIFT CARD in NOvember so I can take advantage of the sales and deals for the end of the year.
I think by staying with in limits I am forced to make choices and changes.

What I used this week As I am coconut Cowash, Nexxus Emergencee, 613, and Avon Advantage Techniques Moisture Mask.

I am going to go into a product I have yet to talk about Avon Advantage Techniques Moisture Mask. I almost feel guilty going into details about it as it has been discontinued. WHY? I don't know. The product had a 4.8 star review. I'd think Avon would want to keep this around. Ladies and Gents, I wish I could tell you it sucked or that it was horrible and was a waste of money. (I was gifted this item) I wish I could.... but I can't. It is amazing.... My curls popped. I truly think all of the products I used this evening were the factor in it working to its ultimate most. I wanted to cut my hair right then and there. My hair was so defined and soft, soft, and soft. I feel the Nexxus gave my hair the protein it needed to accept the moisture and the moisture just did it's thang... My hair was just beyond amazing.

I did do a curlFormer set after and felt guilty disturbing my hair. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

I have 17 months to go before I cut my hair :)
I do need to up my protein's. My lazy ways have taken a toll on my demarcation line of my relaxed and natural hair. While my Natural hair is thick, My relaxed hair is taking a hit. More on that to come. Any Questions and advice please feel free to let me know in a comment. Thanks :)

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