Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27 2012 - Hair hair hair :)

So It has been a minute since I blogged solely about hair.

I have been doing various things I even got a hair cut :) smiles.

I tried Wen Ginger Pumpkin and Honestly didn't care for it. I mixed it up with some fig half and half and now it is the best thing since sliced cheese. :) Today I mixed it up in a 16 oz. container, because the hair that I felt was ubber soft and still feels great.

I am still using up my stash but have made 3 purchases since the year started. I purchased Wen Vanilla Mint for my Birthday, Wen Pomegrante & Lottabody setting lotion.

While I am on the verge of finishing much, I am still not finishing things fast enough :)
So that is why I can't continue to purchase anymore new stock until I finish up what I have.

I have fallen back in love with my Pillow soft rollers :) and I absolutely adore my curlformers. For the 2012 I plan to use low heat. For me it poses difficult since weekly I style with heat. I braid it up for wigging and that usually saves me a little bit. I figure 2 weeks wigging it and 2 weeks of styling my hair in different low heat styles that don't require so much heat. Curl Formers are excellent for low heat. I am giving myself 2 passes per month with heat.

I got a more then a 3 inch trim less then a 6 inch trim. I want to avoid this amount for my next trim. Will this make a difference? I hope so! I am also not doing such long stretches when I wig it. I will braid it for only 2 weeks before a heavy deep condition, any longer my hair seems to suffer and dry.

I will do a 3 &6 month update at the end of May &August. I am due for a trim in 3 months, and another trim in 6 months.

Yes. I have revamped my hair care ALOT! LOL but I think this is going to be positive. I am still using Nexxus Emergencee weekly and once a month I swap it out for Dudleys DRC!

I am 34 weeks into my transition. I think that cut was just what the doctor ordered. I am enjoying my hair, style and wear :)

The one thing I love. It isn't about length, it's about enjoying your healthy hair :) making sure you feel beautiful.


  1. hey girlie missed ya! I could NOT get the hang of CF so I'm always a bit envious of those who use them with ease! ;)

  2. ECP I am sorry been so tied up. :) I had to write a blog with the new things I am going to be doing though. I truly feel it will help with not having to cut as much.

    What kind set do you have in your avatar now?

  3. I can't wait to do the curlformer set this Thursday after working out. I have a meeting later that evening so they will be fresh :)

  4. JJ, you know better!
    Where are the pics?!?!?!