Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Hair Update Fitness update - Last of 2011

This is my final pic for the year 2011 for hair.
My BMI is 21.6
I am on a new work out plan of 85 days Not straight though :)
I am doing 4 weeks on working out 5 days a week and one week off.
I am going to end my 85 days with the last 4 weeks doing Jillians Get Ripped in 30. I am mixing it in to get used to it and then going hard towards the end of those 30 days. :)
I am using Wen Still, Dudleys DRC, Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner, Proclaim Hydrating masque. Leaves in, Aphogee Leave in, Dudleys PCA, Aphogee Green Tea, Miracle 7 Buriti Oil and Wen Fig Oil.
2012 is trims every 3 months
NO cuts
alot of protective styling
1-2 Relaxers in April and July
Washing every 2 weeks while under a wig and
Washing Weekly when out of it!
I will also be prepooing on DRY hair which I have only done once not long ago. I have a lot of products to use up to just stick to my staples. :)


  1. Your hair looks so great, but I can really see a difference in your body from when you first posted about your weight loss journey. You have much more definition in your arms and you overall look more toned - AWESOME JOB!!!!

    Ok, back to the hair, girl you are WHIP length forreal!

  2. Love your length! And congrats on your fitness achievements

  3. EbonYCP Thanks so much. I am still not done, more to do :)

    According to LHCF I Am grazing HIP Whew hew! I am definitely in waters I have never tip toed in before :)

    I will be trimming this weekend and 4 times next year to keep my ends in good condition :)