Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEARS - January 1, 2012

I have posted several December Blogs. I want this to be my goal Blog set in STONE. LOL
Body wise - I am going to continue doing my Zumba, Jillian Get Ripped, WIi Fit exclusively.
I wills stop the IFIT program again until it warms up.
New Goal will be 115 so I could start with heavier weights for toning, which will cause me to gain on the scale. no more then 120.
HAIR GOALS: My Plan is to NOT relax for 2012. I am going to trim back every 3rd month. March, JUNE, September, & December. Trims will be about 1/2 inch. Self trimming.
I want to wish every one a joyous New Years :) Be Safe.


  1. So proud of you Jo for all the informative information , Keep up the good work both : Hair wise and body wise.
    When you take care of your body from the inside , it shows on the outside.