Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tisha Outre 12/29/2011

My first wash after the Madden(matting)2011 went well.

I parted my hair from behind ear , to behind ear pulled forward braided the ends, put a hair elastic on it and for the back I bought it the side and put an elastic band on it.

I washed it first with Aphogee Shampoo for damaged hair :)
So much mook came out my hair ewwwww, guess I haven't used a sulphate shampoo in a minute it was in need of some type of stripping.

I rinsed then washed my hair with Wen Fig 2 times.

I rinsed then applied Nexxus Emergencee for 20 minutes. Rinsed and applied Alter Ego on my roots, and ends then applied Proclaim Hydrating masque to my ends. Steamed it in for 15 minutes, then let it sit for 1 hour.

Rinsed it out put in my Dudley's PCA, Aphogee Green Tea, and Buriti Oil.
Sat under the dryer for 10 minutes, blow dried the rest out. Applied Kerapro elixar.

Parted off a slight bang. Gathered my hair in a low ponytail, braided it up. Applied the Elastic Band at the tip. Rolled it in a oval bun, then used my Goody UP DO maker as a bobby pin :) I love this thing. It is huge and I only need one instead of like 100000000 bobby pins LOL

I then put on my new Favorite half wig but Outre "TISHA" :)

I enjoyed her hope you do too :)

My hair felt great after washing, other then my scalp being extremely sore. :(
At the washing point my hair was so sore, I thought it was going to be sores in it but nothing but pain and a little redness. :/

My hair felt very strong afterwards. My plan is to do this again in 2 weeks. Nothing different. I will be doing half wigs and pony tails until........................


  1. I love that half-wig! I think I'm going to buy it to have on hand while the sales are still on! Did you blend any of your hair or rock a headband? (btw I totally tweeted this!)

  2. Hi ECP,I didn't wear a headband. I took a little hair out no more then 1/2 inch in the center, I tucked it in on the side of the HW just to get a slight bump, layed it down so you wouldn't see the HW.

    :) Tweet Away :D
    I picked her up from Hair Sisters. I placed my order day one, waited day two, day 3 I got it. Hair Sisters must be under new management LOL.