Wednesday, November 30, 2011

4 weeks left update - November 30, 2011

With only a little over 4 weeks left not too much is going on.
I started a new work out program Jillian Ripped in 30. I need to go do it now, YIKES, she is working my but out. I am 119.9 lbs I need to tone up my abs and arms and I'd be one happy camper. :)
I don't want to lose anymore weight, GOSH I don't want to be 98 lbs again. I don't want that. I like a little meat on my bones LOL
My hair was in braids for 3 weeks, I took it out Sunday. My edges feel dry. I am going to do an intense moisturized program this week. Especially since I am going back up in braids and I am doing a DRC-28 treatment this week. I will steam in an oil treatment & alter ego mix.
I am going to leave those braids in for 3 weeks then leave it out a week, so December 25th I am breaking my hair down washing DEEP conditioning it because I am going to flat iron my hair or do a Curlformer rod set. I think I'd rather straight so I can take the end of the year pictures. :) My pics will be up by January 1st hopefully no later then January 31st 2012. I see no reason why it can't be up by January 1st though :)

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