Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Skimp on the Products - June 17, 2011

Okay, So I know I am not the only one. Who actually noticed your hair is longer and your still trying to make do with the amount you used for hair length from years ago. Then you go hmm this crap isn't working any more.

OKAY, Guess what Happened. I love and Adore Silk Elements Megasilk. I adore it love it and it leaves my hair moisturized for real. So what happens, I actually started to develope a hate for it. Not moisturizing my hair. Feeling blah. I realized I am skimping on my product. SOooooo. I part my hair like I use to and take a small section like I am relaxing, I put conditioner in my hand and this is on towel lightly dried hair, and put ample conditioner on from root to tip. I added a little dropper of Wen Fig Oil to my hand and focused on my ends and then worked my way up with the slight bit left on. Used my conditioning cap for two hours and rinsed.

UBBER SOFT HAIR! Amazing, just like Silk Elements. After rinsing I did use my Favorite Aphogee 2 Minute. Leave in's consisted of Aphogee Green Tea spray about 8 sprays, aphogee leave in 4 sprays, & dudleys PCA and a dime sized amount.

I used my Tangle Teezer to do first detangling then my large rake comb. This is to not put so much wear and tear on my Teezer. It does get weaker with time. I get better detangling with a fresh out the box Teezer, my cat Tabitha inherited my Old Tangle Teezer. I have been using mine since December 2010 and no it hasn't cut my hair up, it offers me great detangling. Just have to invest in about 2 per year :( which it was once a year LOL

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  1. great advice! one of the many reasons I don't plan to surpass MBL, lol.