Monday, June 27, 2011

Relax it's all Good - July 2011

This weekend I am having my hair relaxed. Corrective process actually.
To prepare for this I ....
Washed my hair with Wen Fig :)
Did a Heavy DRC-28 Protein Treatment
Applied Silk Elements Megasilk DC for about 1 - 2 hours
Aphogee Leave in & Green Tea
Put in a little Wen Fig Oil, Buriti Oil
Put it up into a ponytail braid and wrapped around to a bun.
Gonna Leave it like this until my relaxer Day.
I am going to have my hair relaxed with Motions Oil Moisturizer Relaxer. I have packed my bag to go get my hair done and I am ubber excited. don't really want a trim but I might get a smidge of one anyway.
Okay Anyone who knows me knows I love Silk Elements DC. I did have to take the 3 I bought back. I have one more in my closet from before. After that is gone I will use the Wen Fig Oil with the Wen Fig Cleanser and deep condition with that.
What is Amazing about the Wen Fig Gallon is I only need 2 pumps. One for one side and one for the next. My DC would consist of one pump and one to two squirts of Wen Fig oil which is a repurchase :) when I run low on that.
I think I have my new Staples some old and some new, which will be an entirely new thread :)

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