Monday, June 27, 2011

Staples of June 2011

My staples and what they are and how do I use them :)
Wen Fig Hair Cleaser (Gallon) - I love this stuff. I part my hair down the middle not even perse' but parting my hair in two from front to back. I wet my hair for about a minute. Then I apply one pump to each side. I rub it a little to feel it disbursed a little, then I splash water on both side and get a sudsing and move it in wash motion being careful not to tangle my hair. Rinse after 8 minutes.
Aphogee 2 minute: After cleaning and lightly towel drying I put a half dollar size in my palm for one side and the same for the other. I use a Self Heating cap and leave on for 10 minutes & rinse.
Dudley's DRC 28- As needed or before a relaxer, after cleaning I Spray this on moderatley. I cover with a plastic cap and leave on for 20 minutes as I sit under a hooded dryer. After 20 minutes I rinse.
Wen Fig Oil - I just add a dropper or two to some of everything. I add it to my Wen Fig Cleanser for a DC, to my Hair bare as a Moisturizer seal, to my leave in to boost the moisturizing effect.
Dudley PCA Moisture Retainer- I use this after I DC when Needed. this is a leave in. VERY VERY VERY moisturizing.
Aphogee Leave in Conditioner & Green Tea Reconstructorizer - I use these normally together after every wash. Sometimes I will put the PCA in place of the Leave IN since they are both leave ins. I always use the Green Tea :) I spray about 6 pumps per side of each product.
Buriti Oil - I use 2 pumps and it's great stuff, use in place of your serum :)
Ion Clarifying Shampoo - I use this as needed and I wet my hair and clean 2 times with this.
Tangle Teezer - My old Faithful Detangler
Rake Comb- handy with my tangle teezer
BONE COMB- I use this only on DRY hair :) Keeps the splits at bay!
NOTE: I Have a lot of stash I will have to go through before I am only down to my staples. :)
It can be done, as long as the lord allows. I have so MUCH stuff right now, it is a shame. I am looking to narrow down and have only the things listed above. :)

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