Sunday, June 19, 2011

FUN (or should I say Fat) TIME IS OVER - June 2011

I am now just up to my eye balls in whining about losing weight. YES WHINING. I frigging get myself sick. LIKE SHUT UP already, you broken record.

I weight 135 lbs. Yes I put it out there I am 5'2" and to me I look FAT. I have a FAT butt with Fatt Thighs and A waist line to match. I am SOOOOO Tired of my oldest brother bothering me about my size, when he looks 7 months pregnant. The fact that my own weight bothers me puts my sensitivity out there as well. Not to mention my cousin who we tease and poke also bothers me about my weight. I have had four kids and look better then any woman they bring forward. No disrespect to the wives or girl friends. :)

BUT....... How the hell do I keep my hair from looking a HOT MESS! You knew I was going to hair on this right? LOL

Must I wash my hair daily?, I don't want to do that.
I will also be posting my weight loss journey here :)

135lbs and 25 to go :)


  1. I think 135 and 5'2" is great, but its all about how you feel and how you carry your weight. I know people tell me all the time I don't need to lose any weight, but I KNOW where I'd like to be. I have about 25 lbs to lose myself so I'll be right here with ya chica!

  2. 135 & 5'2" is a bit much(sowwy)..but the good thing about it is, you can do something about it! you can rinse or co-wash daily or every other day..and bun or do braid outs..i used to do that before being natural

  3. LOL Sorry I am not a Fatty Patty. Nor a Skinny Minny and according all weight scales I am still in normal range. it is all where it sits. I have hips, ass and thigh, what America pays bookoo dollars for. Since I am not an Entree I am losing the weight for Me! The Good thing is, I am doing if for ME not for anyone else.