Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colonic Irrigation, Weight Watchers, Soda Stream and more - July 17, 2011

I am so happy to be writting this post. I am down 4 lbs :) in 2 weeks. :)
Saturday July 16, 2011 I joined weight waters (after my success of losing weight on my own) I wanted to be able to count less calories and the point system is good. My method I gave no breaks. With the point system I get a cheat here and there as long as I don't go over. I am still counting calories, not as strictly as before.
I am still doing the elliptical 3 days a week with IFIT Jillian Michaels. YEs she kicks your ASS in case you were wondering. I think it is the best thing I've done to get started. I also have a Treadmill that Jillian also controls and YES she still kicks your Ass!
No work no lost, I don't complain. I am doing Interval training for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, I burn no less than 300 at this work out.
Today I went for a Colonic Irrigation, She stuck a tube after lube up my Anus and I sat there for 45 minutes as the liquids went up my retum into my intestine, yes I did cramp a little but for the most part some murky (Fecal water) water came out. I was through but the time it was done, it didn't hurt but it was a bit weird. My water at the end ran pretty clear. I had to take a Probiotic after I was done, but I am eating Activia which naturally has this anyway. Nelly the woman who took care of me told me that because I was on Activia that was helping to flush my system, and yes Activia does. I have atleast 2 a day. :) and I go now, compared to twice a week. Ummmm! TMI oh well not for me. I am trying to help anyone I can.
I rate my experience a 4 out of 5. I disliked the cramping but it was clean, didn't smell putrid and I feel like I have a new start.
My first Weight Watchers meeting was different, I mean of course I was the smallest thing there, but the lady said some people smaller don't like to come here due to negative conversations either too you or behind your back, I nodded, UH OH, that led her to call on me. She asked "Why were you reluctant to come today". EVERYONES Eyes was on me, I started " Because I thought I would get dirty looks or that people would go what are you here for". She continued to say she saw others do that to people. Well Low and behold as we ( I went with a friend) were signing up a lady walked in from outside and snarked, I quickly told her Don't even do it. She was already in the process of saying "Why are you here?" I point to the older lady at the side and said "See now you get what I mean." The old lady quickly said " Because she has needs, and you have yours, she can be here." I loved it. LOL
The lady who snarked told me later when everyone left, "You look great" I wouldn't be here if I looked like you. I just smiled and said "thanks I want to be hear to learn to eat better with out guilt." I am now inspired to stay and lose my weight. They have me down at 5% 7lbs and 10% 15lbs but my ideal weight for them is 120 lbs. So that is my ultimate goal and I have 11 lbs to lose before I get there. I work out, I eat great. I am happy! Now I can snack if I choose, go out and eat if I choose without fear of anything.
Ladies if SODA is your delima and you can't break that caffine addiction. SODA STREAM soda machine, allows me to have soda with out all the extra and it's only 1 point on WW how about that. It contains 35 calories for regular cola and 8 grams of sugar, HOW BOUT THAT!
Without the Caffine no more cravings, at first be prepared for a headach or two. Ladies, Gents, I tell you let's start NOW!
I hope you all set a small goal and reach it! Don't set your goal so far it becomes a year long task, set a one month goal, then maybe a two month, never set more than a 6 month stretch other than your ultimate goal. And please lose weight healthy, no more than 2 lbs a week. :)
Stay Blessed!


  1. LMAO @ the weight watchers meeting!!

    And you're so brave to go for the colonic...I've always wanted one because I feel like it would be good for me, but I'm too scared. Stuff is supposed to come out of there, not go in LOL.

  2. Say it twice your right. LOL I tried it I tried. LOL Sorry for a long delay but my lap top is chop chop. and It doesn't allow me to respond.