Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nupur Henna - July 10, 2011

I am here to tell you ladies about Henna again. Nupur Henna Amazing. I did my henna and Indigo yesterday. I have to come to you ladies/gents with complaints of Henna but loved the 3rd week wash because it was awesome, felt strong and soft.
But this is the first yes 1st time I was able to Henna and INDIGO without an issue and once washed out felt like it was week 5. LOL
I used Nupur Henna, with Black Tea and Vatika oil. Yup Simplicity was the key and a different Henna Brand LOL. Bye Bye Jamila :)
I let this sit for about 4 hours, but only 2-3 was needed for this to set.
My Indigo, OMG so many people make it seem like you can't use anything but Water and a little salt. Well I broke the rules yesterday. I could go through another hate of using this Indigo, drying up my hair. Come On!
Well Here is what I mixed up:
Aussie Moist about 2-3 hard squeezes
Vatika oil - about 5-6 hard squeezes
Argan Oil - about a table spoon
Hibiscus - 2 oz
Apple Cider Vinegar - a splash
Salt - about a table spoon
Filled to consistency with Black Tea! Not hot, warm :)
This was the most awesome Indigo Ever. No sticking to my hair, and all my 10/20 grays were covered. :) It was somethign I wouldn't be afraid of doing monthly instead of bi-monthly :)
My hair feels amazing.
I washed my hair after rinsing really well with Hair One Tea Tree once, HSH Chocolate Soy Sulphate Free Shampoo Once, and Hair one Olive Oil Once :) soooooo, afterwards, I put in Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing Deep Conditioner for 1 hour, Rinsed put in some buriti Oil and that was all she wrote. Soft Fine and beautiful Hair.
I am happy I didn't give up on the Indigo as I wanted to several times. I found my Indigo Nitch and I am going to Henna/Indigo when ever I want. :)
I trimmed my Hair today a lovely W is trying to make it's way back into my hair so I did want to put a nip in the bud on that. So 2 inch trim was necessary. I wear a lot of pony tail which I know is my bitter enemy :)

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