Tuesday, August 11, 2015

QVC Junky #7 - Falling in Love Olive Oil Scrub by Philosophy

When I bought this home it was at the right place and during the right time. I had just came home from being outside in the rain and humidity ,after the down pour, was severe. I hopped into the shower and when I applied this to my scrub, the slug that came off was actually embarrassing. It was skunky and filthy as if I hadn't showered that day at all. My skin felt exfoliated and smelled heavenly. Once I put the lotion on, the smell was locked in and the moisture was light. I felt soft and girly all over. The price for this is kind of steep. I ordered this 3 more times and then stopped because I couldn't make sense of spending $80 on a duo of lotion and scrub. I just couldn't. While I would love to continue to use this product, if Philosophy would come down to $50 for this, I could rationalize that spending. I already purchase their Purity which is a must have since I wear makeup. Well I am just starting to wear make up, but you get it. Anywho, if you have the money this is an awesome buy. The smell is amazing and it keeps your skin oh so soft. You don't have to wear perfume afterwards. You just lotion and go. I didn't notice any dry patches on my normally dry skin. I felt it was a good buy maybe once a year, but for my frugal brain for body products, this isn't feasible.

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