Monday, February 1, 2016

Back to Blogging...

Happy New Years,

In February 2016. My goal for 2016 is to have more reviews for you and more school journals going on.  I have a lot of reviews for you as I am a shopaholic. Currently I am taking six classes and have finally decided on what I am going to go for, for my next degree. Psychology, in case you were wondering. I am curious as too anyone else going to school right now and what are some of the trials and tribulations that you are going through at this moment. School really keeps me busy, as if having four boys wouldn't do that for me. I have teenagers and a preteen. Once a week I plan to have a blog for you guys. The Sunday Paper :) on Hair She Comes.

QVC Reviews and more product reviews..

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  1. GIRL, four boys! God bless you!!! Happy New Year! I'm about to update on my blog as well...been a while!