Thursday, February 19, 2015

College Girl Gone Missing 2015

Happy New Years 2015

Ok, New Years is long gone, but I am still here. I am now a Junior in College, and have changed my major for my junior year. I graduated with my Paralegal Degree, from Middlesex County College. I have been really working my but off trying to graduate before my son who turns 16 this year meets me there. :)

My hair, well you should know, has been falling out. I have hyperthyroid and Graves Diseases and my hair is falling out profusely. I have been on medications of all sorts and the doctors are talking about removing, radioactive or controlling my thyroid. I truly am stumped at the moment as what I am going to do.

With all that is going on, I am trying to not only keep my house under wraps, but focus on school. Lets face it folks, school isn't cheap. So far I am taking 2 Psychology Classes, 2 English Writing Classes and 1 History class. I am already thinking about next semester One yoga class, One elective, and two English writing classes. If you have not guessed it already, I have changed my major to English - Writing. You might as well say Writing. NO, I am far from the perfect grammar queen, but I inspire to be better.

What about that IPL machine I was using from my last post? Well, I can honestly say today that it is still effective. Not only is the hair still gone, after I have taken Biotin to help me, I have very few hairs that rebirthed themselves :) I do get those waxes and Mrs. Kitty. Sorry if that was TMI, I do love sharing.

I would love to say I will be back next week. Maybe with all the writing I will be doing, doctors appointments I will be attending, and things going on in  college and at home, this could be my public journal of some sort. Hmmmmmm, I think I have to leave out the juicy gossip ;)

Well let me go, my almost 16 year old son requires the attention of his mom :)

Until Next time :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time.

    Sorry you are going through such a rough time. I pray things get better for you soon. Just keep in mind everything happens in God's timing. He knows best.