Sunday, September 4, 2011

A-New Facial Regimen :) - September 4, 2011

I have for about one month been using a new facial Regimen. I don't know if I have written about it before but I am 33 and not getting any younger. I only was washing my face with water, and once a week doing an Oatmeal and Honey Scrub exfoliant and a Moisturizing mask for dry skin, once a month I get a professional prescriptive facial using what every they please after evaluating my skin.
I noticed for the past year I have been getting it monthly they have a hard time with the tiny microscopic black heads in my chin. ALL I keep hearing is how great my skin is. I don't think it is great, well now I do, but then it had visible pores on the side of my nose, and my nose was filled with tiny milia, and my chin had 3 tiny black heads that if I put my chin to my pocket mirror I can see. I couldn't see it in my bathroom mirror but pockets mirrors are great. LOL
Now, I also was nervous about wrinkles. I see some people not aging gracefully, I know some of it is genetic, a lot in some peoples eyes. Like my friend says "There is always a first, don't be that example". Plus a lot of QVC & HSN will leave you wanting the fountain of youth. LOL
SOoooooo, SInce I sell AVON, I figured, let's try it out. Let me say, I am SOOOOOOOO Happy I did. :)
I bought the Avon Anew Rejuvenate Regimen for 30+ skin. In the kit I received a two in one cleanser/toner, a duo eye cream for day and night, Day moisturizer with SPF 25 and a Night cream. I used this alone for a week. My face definitely changed and visibly improved my look from dull to moisturized and vibrant. I also noticed my pores on the side of my nose smaller and my pores smaller in general. Now those black Heads on my chin that a years worth of facials and extractions couldn't get rid of, I put tissue on my fingers and put a squeeze on the area and POP out came the black heads WOW, I pressed my nose upward and small white heads all over came out.
I then invested in a few Avon Anew Clinical products such as EYE LIFE DUO and Retexturizing pads. I also purchased Avon Anew Rejuvenate Emulsion gel and Avon Anew Flash Facial also from the Rejuvenate line. I SOOOOOOOO Can not live with out these products. Based on a review of another I purchased the Clinique about eyes cream since I did get irritated by the Day EYE CREAM, I figure because of the SPF in it, yet it didn't burn my husbands eyes so it is an individual thing.
Soooooo Lets us start this review: All PRoducts are Avon Anew Rejuvenate unless otherwise stated:
The Two in one cleanser is great, I have very sensitive skin and this product doesn't make my skin feel raw. I did get a slight irritation by my nose, tingling really. I would say this is a combo of all I was doing. I splash my face rub a drop on my cheek, another on the other cheek and a drop on my fore head is all you need. I get a very clean feeling and rinsing is easy. I love the face no toner is needed after this cleanser. You use this cleanser in the day and night.
Eye Cream Duo - Well Day one the Day Cream burned like HELL. YET, the night cream seemed to soften my eyes like no tomorrow. You rub it on your upper lids, you bottom eye across your cheek bones. I will never be with out an eye cream again.
Day Cream - Creamy, pastey, and it is an SPF 25 which is great because we need to fight aging using not just antioxidants but sun screen as well. This takes all the extra steps out of putting on an SPF.
Night Cream - A lighter gel, cream and it is so softening, your skin seems to have a glow by the next morning. After a while I wanted a more Moisturizing night boost, which led me to purchase the Emulsion.
Emulsion- this is a light thin gel. It goes on kinds slick and quick. It feels weird and looks shiney but your going to bed, trust you won't even see it. When you wake up in the morning your face feels absolutely amazing, it does reduce your pores.
Flash Facial - I LOOK forward to using this cream everyday. My face feels so NEW when I put this on. HOnestly out of my day and night regimen I love this step the most. :) it feels good. I use one pump on my cheek and another pump on the other cheek with one pump on my forehead, remember to always use upward motions on applying the creams, cleansers and others, Upward or outward motions not downward ever :)
AVON ANEW CLINICAL: Unless otherwise stated
Eye Life Duo- It sure does work. I love this eye cream. I was happy to have ordered it because the Day cream burned my eyes and I didn't want to go creamless during the day. This cream helped my fine line which was developing under my eyes, years of pulling it down for contacts and rubbing it like no tomorrow was starting to show, this helped it get back in order.
Retexturizing Peels - What can I say, I rub it on at night and by the morning my face looks so smooth and feels great. I went over this with my Esthetician and she said use it until my skin looks the way I am satisified with and then use it weekly instead of every other day.
Clinique All About eyes (eye Cream) - This stuff is awesome, I totally love this stuff. I plan on keeping this in the mix with all my eye creams. Looking on HSN, QVC and department stores eye creams are DIBIZNESS (the business) because they are great things and important parts of all regimen.
ONE IMPORTANT THING, please ladies and gentlemen DON't forget to always use upward motions and outward. Treat your NECK and CHEST the same as your face and clean these, moisturize these during your day and NIGHT routines. Don't forget these areas or when you start to show age this will show it.

The best medicine is prevention. :)

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