Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011 Weight Loss :)

So I am still on my Weight loss journey with only 2 lbs to go before I am to my personal goal of 22.5 BMI. :)
I feel great, I am continuing the exercise to keep my heart healthy. I am working out on MOnday, Wednesday and Fridays only. I am shooting for my six weeks on a BMI of 22.5 to get my Life Time at WW. :)
I feel very motivated. I didn't find it hard to lose the weight, as I have never been 135 before and don't plan on going back. :) 5'2 and looking to stay 121-125. I figure that is a good weight for me. :)
I doubt I will gain it back. Yes I am just that confident. I just have to keep busy which I have signed myself up for quilting meet ups and Scrapbooking meet ups to get me up and out of things. Unfortunately I have been spending less time on my fav website LHCF. I just got my hair rebraided and I am wigging it again. WHEW, makes for excellent work out hair. I will break it down every 3-4 weeks. Get it rebraided after 1-2 weeks break. I am definitely sticking to DRC every 6 weeks so my hair can stay strong while in braids.
I will soon go into toning and using a medicine ball and exercise ball to tighten. :)

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