Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moisture Love - May 26, 2011

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is enjoying this hot brutal weather. I am not. LOL
I will be started a new Sewing Class for about 7 Months so my Sewing blog will get some more love :)

As Everyone knows I have been using Henna now and have used it monthly. I am switching that to bi-monthly so my hair doesn't dry out. It seems that by the time I put it in and have to go through the arkward stage, I am looking and my calendar says it is now time to Henna Again. So..... I am going to try every other month.

Last night I washed my hair with Hair One Olive Oil :) Ooooh I have missed thee. LOL
I have been using Wen Sweet Almond Mint. I do love the after Effects of Hair One. :) I like Wen and really want to try the Fig. My next shipment of Wen is in September. Unfortunately Guthy Ranker doesn't carry FIG :(

I have noticed my hair seems a little dryer then normal and used my Aphogee 2 minute to give my hair that little boost of protein, ORS replenishing pak to give it that boost of moisture as that is how it works for me, then after all was said and done, I used my PCA WOW, my hair felt so SOFT, I sprayed some Aphogee Green tea and my hair still felt like a rose petal.

Today it feels so Moisturized it is unbelievable. I am really happy I tried Dudley products again after all these years. Their products are absolutely amazing. I love the way my hair feels right now. :) Can't wait to try it again next week. Off to baseball I go. :)

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